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Angela Anaconda Divorce: One Who Caused a Divorce Between Two Parents

The famous cartoon series 'Angela Anaconda' caused a mysterious divorce.
Angela Anaconda allegedly caused a divorce between a couple having a kid. (Credits: MUBI)

The 90’s kids might definitely remember who Angela Anaconda is! From being the children’s favorite character, to be the main character of the cartoon series, she was quite a popular name during 1999 – 2001.

As many happy moments people might be associated with her and the show, some weird and quite scary incidents have taken place that, at times, sounds unbelievable. One such incident is what we’ll talk about today!

Angela Anaconda caused a divorce.

A funny and sweet female cartoon character from the cartoon series ‘Angela Anaconda,’ Angela Anaconda was quite a popular character during that time. It is quite possible that people at present are not very familiar with her name, which is natural as so many years have passed since then.

But one incident that people know more about than the show or the character itself is something that is really going to sound bizarre at first. Yes, we are talking about the divorce between a couple after they watched Angela Anaconda.

Let us dig in for the details first. So, during that time, a movie with the name ‘Digimon’ made its appearance on the big screen. Children were enthusiastic about that movie, and tickets went out really fast.

Angela Anaconda was a popular cartoon show between 1999 and 2001.

Angela Anaconda allegedly caused a divorce after making its appearance on the big screen. (Credits: Know Your Meme)

One couple with a baby thought about the same thing. As their baby was very young, they thought that it would be a great idea if they all went to the theatre to watch ‘Digimon’ together.

But suddenly, Angela Anaconda started playing, and the baby began to cry out loud. It was just an advertisement or a short clip before the beginning of the movie, but the couple thought that they had come to watch the wrong movie when their baby wouldn’t stop crying.

The couple got into a serious fight, and the father threw the popcorn which the mother wanted to eat. Their fight grew aggressive, and on their way back home, they had a car accident. A month or so later, the father moved out of the house, and the two parted ways.

Is the Angela Anaconda divorce story true?

To be honest, there is not much evidence to bear testimony to this ‘so-called fact.’ People have their own doubts and own beliefs regarding the same. But one thing is for sure there is a huge possibility that it might have happened.

The clip began to play in the theatre without any prior warning or announcement, which would make anybody confused. Although the movie was good and the Angela Anaconda show had a decent viewership, this incident spread really hyped things up for the show and the movie.

Angela Anaconda was a show with many characters that had a cartoon bodies and a human-like face, being cute and weird at the same time. Where the show had its fan base, there were always critics on the other side. What do you think about the show? And most importantly, do you believe the famous ‘divorce’ tale?

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