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Aishwarya Shankar’s Divorce: The Tamil Director’s Daughter Goes Through a Tough Time

Aishwarya Shankar may file a divorce against husband Rohit, after his name is dragged into the case of sexual harassment.
Aishwarya Shankar's husband Rohit is allegedly involved in the sexual harassment of a 16-year-old girl. (Credits: India Today)

The stars and the star kids are often dragged into the limelight for the most trivial of things that take place in their lives. But the discussion in this article today is not about a trivial matter. It is something grave that has got Aishwarya perturbed for a long time now.

Aishwarya Shankar’s divorce is said to be out of some unpardonable and unforgettable situations that were created by Damodaran Rohit, who happens to be her partner.

The Tollywood director – Shankar’s daughter Aishwarya Shankar has been in the limelight because of her disturbed marriage. Shankar is upset about the situation as well and, at times, becomes restless. But is the news of Aishwarya getting a divorce from her husband true? Well, we’ll find out.

Aishwarya Shankar’s marriage with Damodaran Rohit

Aishwarya Shankar is one of the two daughters of the great Tollywood director – Shankar. He married her during the pandemic with a small gathering in the year 2021. The two of them had a pleasant time together until news about Rohit and his father’s cricket club started coming to the surface.

It couldn’t go down anyone’s gut. People had their jaws dropped when the word was passed around, but it was impossible to alter anything.

Damodaran Rohit’s father owned a cricket club that trained the young and the eager to play cricket professionally. They had young boys and girls who were passionate about the game. One of these young girls fell victim to a heinous crime. When that 16-year-old girl came to the cricket club for guidance and training, she was molested and sexually harassed by the coach – Thamaraikannan.

This news was big enough for anyone to turn their faces away in shame. But the skies fell on Aishwarya when she came to know that her husband Rohit was involved in this harassment too. Being his wife, Aishwarya could not believe what she heard. It came as a sudden shock to her that left her almost numb.

Understanding her situation of her, Aishwarya’s family is completely dependent on her own decision in this matter. There is no force or pressure of any kind to understand what she has been through. It is Aishwarya’s own take if she still decides to stay with him or not.

However, he doesn’t seem to be making his presence in any of the conversations that Aishwarya’s family members have among themselves and with the media. That is the reason there is a high chance that Aishwarya might get a divorce from her husband.

Rumors about Aishwarya Shankar’s marriage

When the news of Aishwarya marrying Damodaran Rohit became public, people could not help but speculate according to their own theories. But one thing that was common in all of them was Aishwarya’s ill intentions toward Rohit’s financial and social status.

It was known that Rohit was a former cricketer and a current businessman who had a good social status and a financial background.

People started throwing her into a light where she appeared like a gold digger when she married Rohit. Some people even say that Aishwarya married Rohit for his good looks and money and is now inclined towards taking a divorce because of his ill character. These comments were mean and derogatory most of the time, targeting the star kid for absolutely no reason.

Aishwarya Shankar and Damodaran Rohit had a marriage during lockdown, and their reception got postponed.

Aishwarya Shankar and Damodaran Rohit in yellow outfits together. (Credits: Times of India)

The conclusion of the case is it is quite possible that Aishwarya might get a divorce from her husband, Damodaran Rohit.

Although their relationship was going just fine, the incident that happened kind of blew it up. No wife can humanely tolerate such behavior by her husband. Not only does it count as infidelity, but it also shows a horrendous side of a person which one would never wish to discover.

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