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What happened to Vilgefortz’s Face in ‘The Witcher’?

Vilgefortz's face gets severely damaged in the season 3.
The portal opened by Ciri damages Vilgefortz's face, leaving him scarred. (Credits: Netflix)

A fantasy drama Television series streaming primarily on Netflix – The Witcher is one of the most watched shows on the app. Moreover, all the characters have gained immense popularity after their appearance on the show. Beginning at the end of the year 2019, it has been running successfully ever since.

One of the most prominent faces on the screen, Vilgefortz, has another fan base. People are quite interested in learning about things around him and want to see more of him on the show.

Although he is shown to be on the villainous side, he sure is acknowledged and accepted by all with open arms. But recently, something happened in an episode that drew more attention to him. Let us discuss it in detail.

What happened to the face of Vilgefortz?

Things managed to crawl just fine till the end of the third season for Vilgefortz. Although he had his own side of the story, it still was fine. Fans and viewers got alert when they witnessed something in the eighth episode of the third season. Yes, we are talking about the major damage done to Vilgefortz’s face. The script had it, and so, it was meant to be.

This incident took place at Tor Lara at the hands of Ciri. Also referred to as the destined “Daughter of Chaos,” Ciri has some major roles to play in the series. No wonder why her character draws quite a lot of attention to itself.

At Tor Lara, she opened a portal. This portal, here, is known to be extremely unstable and disturbing. Soon enough, she got sucked into the portal. The structure could not handle it and exploded, falling on Vilgefortz.

Vilgefortz has his face damaged in the season 3.

Vilgefortz’s face has a serious scar that looks very prominent. (Credits: Average Being)

Being well-versed in his magical skills, he sure was able to protect his body, but his face was already damaged. The scarring on his face was severe and could be noticed by anyone around him. His face was shown on the screen when he appeared in the court of Emhyr’s.

What is expected of Vilgefortz in season four of ‘The Witcher’?

Vilgefortz doesn’t give up on his plans and ideas and is now twice as strong-headed as before. Moreover, the incident that damaged his face in episode 8 of season 3 has fueled the fire inside him. He is bent on finding Ciri and materializing all of his evil plans. Season 3 definitely exposes him as the real villain in the series.

If we go according to the story in the books, Vilgefortz is about to capture Yennefer. He looks at her as a means to find Ciri. Tormenting her, he just wants her to belch out the location of Ciri so that he can reach her.

But the truth is, even Yennefer is clueless about Ciri’s whereabouts. The story follows a series of incidents that bring about major changes in the script and the plot. But one thing is that Vilgefortz is mostly found in hiding.

The face-damaging incident enraged Vilgefortz even more, who just wanted Ciri at any cost. The next season is expected to be full of tense drama and eye-openers. Sit back and enjoy!

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