Worst Cooks In America: Real or Fake?

Worst cooks in america
Worst Cooks in America (Credits: The Wrap)

Worst Cooks in America is an American reality television series that debuted on Food Network on January 3, 2010. The show takes 12 to 16 contestants with bad cooking skills for a reward of $25000. For celebrities, the reward is $ 50,000 for charity purposes. The show can get a bit overwhelming due to rather dumb participants.

Clearly, it is a hilarious show, according to Jane Latman, president of Home and Food Content and Streaming for Warner Bros. Meet Rich Aronovitch, a paleontologist TikToker who applies gorilla glue in her hair.

But the question is, does that make the 26 seasons of the show staged?

The show has marvelous social media influencers, but what makes the show exciting is that they do not have the cooking skills of a cooking show. Watch celebrity chefs Anne Burrell and Darnell Ferguson on Discovery+ and Food Network.

Anne Burell
Anna Burrell (Credits: ABC News)

Inside the Worst Kitchen in America

It must feel nice to be the worst cook and make things right in the kitchen. The history should mean that it has some real competition and some real shots of the contestants, but still, viewers wonder if it is a staged show.

But instead of the most dramatic reality shows, the competition shows the sweet reality. People think that the really bad chefs can make the show really hard to believe. But these confessions prove that the auditions are really tough.

Reality shows have to be unexpected and unscripted. But behind the scenes, things can be different from what people see on screen. Many shows have claimed that producers incorporate a narrative in reality shows, and they are not completely genuine.

Worst Cooks In America: Real or Fake?

Reddit thinks that the show is a joke. Food Network and Hulu Live TV capture some struggling chefs on camera. But sometimes things get too bad, and people on Reddit start wondering if this is ‘for real.’

So we finally arrive at the question of the extremely bad chefs in Worst Cooks in America. For some chefs, it can be some sort of a culinary class. The problem is evident when viewers have to see contestants undercook chicken and burn grilled cheese.

So things haven’t been staged for the camera, and they don’t even have any mobile phones, internet, or television. Things are exactly how they seem to be, and the mistakes of the chefs are clear to people watching it. The lack of drama strengthens this belief. The really bad cooking skills are somewhat believable.

But social media has been more speculative than ever. It calls the show more of a comedy than a cooking competition. But the extremely bad cooks are unbelievable and a joke to the internet users. Editing and reshooting also make things look unreal. The truth is that the contestants are real, but they are painfully dumb.

Reddit users talk about contestants surviving in the show because of creating drama, editing, and changing the real scenes for lighting or angles. People who binge-watch are led to believe that however fascinating the show is, it seems completely fake. They are also compelled to wonder if cooks actually hide their skills. Now, it is all fake rather than how it was before.

But the home chefs have come to the rescue and proven that it is all real. Anna Altomari told The Orange Country Register that the contestants were not faking things on television. They had a procedure of questions and documentation to understand who they really were.