Is Bridezilla Staged? Here is What the Brides at the Show Had to Say About It

The brides of Bridezilla on WE TV speak facts about the show.
The show asks for drama and spice, say the brides on the set. (Credits: The Plunge)

Bridezilla is an American TV drama that solely depended on the lives of young brides-to-be and their stories till they had their dream wedding performed. It captured the vivid and enthralling stories from different women along with their perspectives and takes on different matters pertaining to their wedding.

As much is said about the success of the show, which has 13 seasons in total, a lot is dubious about its authenticity. Often, it has been said in different places that Bridezilla doesn’t seem to be genuine. In other words, most of the people find it scripted. But is it true? Or is it just a facade that is being put up?

Is Bridezilla staged: Myth or a fact

Bridezilla made its first appearance on American television in the year 2004. Since then, it has gained much momentum when we talk about its journey. Many women have joined hands with the show and have added to its glorious image outside.

But some things are being spoken about in the show! And it’s not just now but has been going on for years now. People are puzzled about its originality. Questions are asked whether it is scripted. To shoo away any unnecessary doubts, let’s check out the statements made by the cast of the show.

Brides on Bridezilla called it scripted.
A couple who showed up in the sixth season of Bridezilla. (Credits: Gulf News)

Melissa, who appeared in season seven, had a lot to say about what used to happen on the set. According to her, “more drama” was asked of them. It wasn’t that they were not putting effort from their end, but the requirement of the show was something different.

She opened up, saying that it wouldn’t have been interesting to the viewers had it not been dramatic. “True reality isn’t entertaining,” is what she said.

What Bridezilla brides went through on the sets

It was not just that the brides were asked to be dramatic and overreacting in every situation, but a lot more was expected from them. We can take the example of Porsha, who was extremely busy with the preparations for her wedding.

Amidst all this, the demands of the producers and the directors were quite burdensome. And at some point, they did not even seem genuine. She was asked to curse more so as to make the scene look more spiced up to the people watching.

The brides, although they were preparing for their weddings, their stories really kept the people glued to their screens. Bonds were formed and broken on and behind the screens during the span of the show.

A series – Marriage Boot Camp, also came into play to finally fix the marital bonds that were ruptured on Bridezilla. About this program, it was said that it wasn’t what it was expected to be. Besides being a means of reconciliation, it was just another pack of drama.

Whatever the show served the people, it really went well on the TV nevertheless. Although most elements of the show were scripted, or rather we should say spiced up, people found it a good watch.