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Is South Beach Tow Staged? Here is What the Crew Has to Say About It

South Beach Tow is claimed to be scripted, which is criticized by the viewers.
South Beach Tow (Credits: TruTV)

A known docudrama showing the struggle and fun stories of the towing specialists has a lot to offer. Miami Beach is thronged by tourists, making the area crowded. The dearth of available parking areas causes chaos as people park vehicles illegally.

This is where Tremont Towing comes into action. The manager – Robert, as well as the entire team, works to solve these issues, making things right. While people have fun watching it, they are often spotted saying that the show is scripted. Is it really so? Or is it just another miscalculation made by the viewers? Let’s find out!

South Beach Tow being staged: True or False?

South Beach Tow is a reality show that has had four seasons under its name. Since it first began in the year 2011, its popularity has gained much momentum very soon.

However, as much as the viewership swelled, some problems also made their way to the surface. One thing was a rumor that the show was being scripted. It really brought the show into headlines, asking the makers whether this allegation was actually concrete.

Bernice is a popular face on the show.

Bernice is a famous face on South Beach Tow and is loved on the show. (Credits: TV Overmind)

So here is what we need to know about it. The show isn’t completely scripted. Yes, it is not. But a part of it definitely is. The makers feel that if the work and activities taking place at that site are just aired like that, it won’t be any fun to watch. Most of the time, the cast is asked to reenact and add more spice to the scene to make it worth watching.

The show is a reality show with its piece of authenticity on the plate. However, just to make a particular scene more fun and on-point, the actors are asked to reenact it with more drama. The crew has often come to the rescue and has clearly said that the show revolves around real-life situations and has real people within the frame.

Why did the world feel that South Beach Tow is staged?

Although the show claims to be a reality show and does involve real people, there have been instances when activities on the screen seemed far from genuine. This made the people skeptical about what was going on behind the screen.

But one thing that really fueled up the situation was the capture of footage that was completely staged. The network couldn’t help but admit the fact that it was all staged and scripted. The scene was of a man who gets beaten up in a scene, and his wig falls. The video captured people practicing the scene, as well as the man putting on the wig carefully.

This really weakened the trust of people in the reality shows who claim to be real. A lot of things are scripted, which has become a very common thing now. Although people might still find the content interesting, there are a lot of viewers who don’t subscribe to this policy of fluffing and bluffing.

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