Is Borat Real or Staged? The Movie Causes Excitement and Confusion at the Same Time

Borat movie is available on Amazon Prime and is a mockumentary.
Borat and its subsequent movie created a huge controversy around their name. (Credits: Hindustan Times)

Directed by Jason Woliner and Larry Charles, Borat is a film series that was uploaded on Amazon Studios. As soon as it made its appearance, it caused a sensation like never before. It is more like a mockumentary that captures the interviews with different locals of America. The people take Borat for a foreigner who is uninformed or knows little about America and its culture.

Most of the people do not even know that the people are being filmed and are going to be in the movie – Borat. The role of Borat is played by Baron Cohen.

The story revolves around the different interviews with these people, the essence of which is to learn about what makes America great. But what is the actual truth behind the movie being real or staged? Read on to find out.

Borat: Staged to what extent?

The movie Borat had the prime purpose of unveiling certain facts that are behind the masks of modernism in American Society. Masks that the native people were reluctant to accept and acknowledge.

The makers of the movie were hell-bent on debunking the myths and bringing in front of the world the xenophobic and sexist mentality of Americans towards things. Although it did not apply to the whole nation, or at the current times, it still was a big shock when learned.

A scene from Borat, showing the protagonist.
A scene from Borat with Baron Cohen performing the leading role. (Credits: Cinema Blend)

To fetch out more details, the people were not even informed of the filming actually taking place. This makes it pretty clear that the movie wasn’t scripted. It was based on real-life events and did involve the commoners.

Although the movie bagged the actor awards, it definitely became a matter of controversy. It did have a follow-up movie, ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,’ which pretty much dug into the same topic.

What was ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ about?

‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ was more like a sequel to the movie ‘Borat’ and was around the same theme and talk. Many scenes created such a controversy that situations at times even got uncontrollable. Although it feels that the movie isn’t scripted, there is no denying the slightest possibility of it being staged at places.

The scene that involved Rudy Giuliani was the one that attained an unhandleable amount of attention. Rudy was the attorney of President Trump. He was found in a not-so-decent manner in a hotel room with actress Maria, who was acting as a journalist.

He was seen putting his hands in his trousers deep down and for a long time. When this clip reached people, a horrible situation was created. Rudy even defended himself, saying that he had taken off the microphone and was tucking his shirt in his pants. In the recording, he even said that the Chinese were behind the COVID-19.

Many other scenes were there that really shook people. They involved other people, who sure made headlines after that. The efforts of the makers of the film can be tasted in the danger that they faced while executing their plans. Irrespective of how much success these movies got, the controversy around them hasn’t shed off as yet.