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Is Alya in Coronation Street Pregnant? Everything You Need To Know

Alya Nazir: A character in Coronation Street portrayed by Sair Khan
Alya Nazir: A character in Coronation Street portrayed by Sair Khan (Credits: @sairkhan/Instagram)

Sair Khan brings the character of Alya Nazir to vibrant life on the beloved British soap Coronation Street. As an English actress of Pakistani descent, Khan can portray the heart and spirit of this strong-minded young woman in a relatable, authentic way. She has inhabited the role since 2014, steadily developing Alya into a prominent figure in the show.

Viewers have seen Alya go through triumphs and challenges as the daughter of Kal Nazir over many dramatic storylines. In 2018, fans also got to know Khan herself when she participated in the grueling reality show I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! More recently, Khan renewed her contract amid a juicy love triangle plot involving Alya, Ryan, Daisy, and Daniel.

According to Khan in an interview, this next chapter for Alya promises to uncover deeper layers of her character as she faces unexpected demons. It’s clear that through Khan’s gifted performance, Alya Nazir has come to life as a complex, intriguing character beloved by Coronation Street audiences.

Is Alya in Coronation Street pregnant?

Is Alya in Coronation Street pregnant? (Credits: @sairkhan/Instagram)

One of the most talked-about storylines involving Alya is her pregnancy, which has been a topic of discussion among fans for years. Continue reading further to explore the controversy and speculation surrounding Alya’s pregnancy storyline.

Is Alya in Coronation Street pregnant?

When Alya’s pregnancy was first introduced in 2016, fans were excited to see how the storyline would play out. However, things quickly became confusing when mentions of the pregnancy suddenly stopped without explanation.

Fans used social media to voice their frustrations, accusing the show’s writers of negligence. This sparked understandable backlash, as abortion is a serious issue deserving careful attention. Producers released a clip showing Alya discussing it with a friend to quell anger. While reassuring loyal watchers, the damage had already been done in many eyes.

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The Latest Rumors About Alya’s Potential Pregnancy

Fast forward to 2023, and rumors are circulating about Alya’s potential pregnancy again. According to Yahoo News Singapore, Alya will be drawn into Ryan Connor’s ongoing storyline, which has seen the character turn to steroids to regain strength. While unconfirmed, this has led to speculation that Alya may be carrying Ryan’s child after their tumultuous romance.

Who is Alya from Coronation Street?

Who is Alya from Coronation Street? (Credits: @sairkhan/Instagram)

What Could Happen Next?

Wow, if Alya is pregnant, the writers have some big decisions to make about where to take her storyline. Here are a few possibilities I could see playing out:

Option 1 is that Alya and Ryan keep the baby and start their little family together. That would be the happiest outcome. Option 2 is darker – Alya could choose to have an abortion. That would be controversial but realistic since unexpected pregnancies happen in real life.

Option 3 is heartbreaking – Alya could miscarry, losing the baby. That would allow the show to explore the emotional toll of such a tragedy. The fourth option is dramatic – Ryan might decide he’s not ready to be a dad and leave Alya to raise the child alone. That shows what Ryan Prescott’s character is made of as an actor.

Whether the pregnancy rumors are true, Alya’s storyline has everyone talking. From the issues of 2016 to the current gossip, fans are on the edge of their seats to see what’s next for her. The writers always keep us guessing, so whatever happens will be captivating TV.

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