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Is Selena Gomez dating Rema? Everything You Need To Know

What are the rumors related to Salena Gomez and Rema relationship?
What are the rumors related to Salena Gomez and Rema relationship? (Credits: @heisrema/Instagram)

Who doesn’t know of Salena Gomez? Selena Gomez is a global superstar who has achieved immense success as a singer and actress over the past decade.

With her high-profile career and past romances with notable names like Justin Bieber, fans and the public remain invested in Selena’s personal life.

Recently, rumors have been circulating about a potential new romance – this time between Selena and Nigerian singer Rema. Continue reading further to explore these rumors and try to determine whether they have any truth.

Is Selena Gomez dating Rema?

The dating rumors emerged in September when Selena and Rema were spotted sitting together, looking cozy at an event. Eager fans dissected every interaction between the two stars and speculated that there seemed to be an evident chemistry and connection.

Is Salena Gomez dating Rema?

Is Salena Gomez dating Rema? (Credits: @selenagomez/Instagram)

However, neither party publicly addressed their relationship status at the time. This left fans in limbo, desperately seeking clues about what may unfold between the pop princess and up-and-coming African artist.

The Collaboration

Adding more intrigue to the rumors was Selena and Rema’s announcement of a new joint single called “Calm Down” shortly after that. The catchy collaboration was an instant hit upon its release in October, with the music video racking millions of views in days. For fans, seeing the stars work together creatively only fueled more questions about whether a hidden romance was brewing behind the scenes.

However, Rema later assured in an interview that his relationship with Selena was strictly professional. While acknowledging their chemistry in the studio, he maintained they are solely collaborators and nothing more.

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Selena’s Love Life

Another factor stoking the flames of the dating rumors is the current state of Selena’s love life. Having recently emerged from short-lived flings with producer Andrea Lervolino over the summer and The Chainsmokers singer Drew Taggart earlier this year, Selena seems to enjoy being single.

But the singer-actress’s dedicated fan base is always eager to see her coupled up after high-profile past relationships with stars like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. As one of the few men she’s been linked to romantically in 2022, Rema instantly became a topic of intense speculation.

Selena’s Dating History

Of course, Selena’s dating history does provide context for why any sighting with an attractive male counterpart is magnified and dissected to the nth degree.

From her decade-long on-again, off-again saga with Bieber to passionate but fleeting romances with Weeknd, the world is all too familiar with Gomez’s intriguing love life. Hence, fans continue to hold out hope she’ll find lasting love, whether with Rema or otherwise.

Are Salena Gomez and Rema together?

Are Salena Gomez and Rema together? (Credits: @selenagomez/Instagram)

The Status of Their Relationship

While an apparent connection between Selena and Rema left many dreaming of a potential international power couple, their relationship seems confined to a professional scope. Unless either party confirms otherwise, the dating rumors must remain unverified gossip spread by enthusiastic fans and tabloid outlets.

As two thriving artists at the tops of their fields, it’s understandable why they would keep the true nature of their bond under wraps for now. At just 26 years old, it’s clear Selena is in no rush to commit, instead focusing her energy on creative projects and surrounding herself with people who enrich her life personally and professionally.

For Rema, still early in his career ascendance, committing to anyone romantically could pose unneeded complications or distractions. Ultimately, the status between Selena Gomez and Rema remains a mystery for curiosity-seeking fans to ponder. But whether they emerge as a real couple or not, both stars seem destined for individual success regardless.

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