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Rylee Arnold Partner: Who is Daniel Smith?

Who is Rylee Arnold's partner?
Who is Rylee Arnold's partner? (Credits: @ryleearnold1/Instagram)

Are you curious to know who is Rylee Arnold’s partner? Before we start discussing this topic, let us briefly talk about who Rylee is, her career, and her personal life. Rylee Arnold is one of Canada’s most renowned Paralympic athletes. Despite being born without her right arm, she has risen to the top of the competitive world of para-cycling.

Through relentless dedication and hard work, Rylee has represented Canada at multiple Paralympic Games, bringing home numerous medals. She holds several world records and national track and road cycling titles. Beyond her illustrious sporting career, however, Rylee has built a fulfilled personal life beyond her illustrious sporting career.

She has been in a loving relationship with her partner, Daniel Smith, for the past five years. While Rylee’s accomplishments on the bike are widely celebrated, her success is also a testament to the support she receives from Daniel and the caring partnership they have built together.

However, she needed help to achieve her goals. Her partner of five years, Daniel Smith, has been by her side every step of the way, providing unwavering support and encouragement. Their partnership is a testament to the power of love and how it can uplift and inspire individuals to achieve their dreams.

Rylee Arnold Partner: Who is Daniel Smith?

Rylee and Daniel first met in 2017 at a local cycling event in their hometown of Calgary. As two avid cyclists, they began chatting more frequently at group rides. Rylee recalls that there was an instant understanding between them, and Daniel didn’t treat her differently because of her disability.

Rylee Arnold and Lindsay Arnold

Rylee Arnold and Lindsay Arnold (Credits: @ryleearnold1/Instagram)

Instead, he saw her for her determined spirit. Over the next year, their casual friendship grew into a caring relationship.

Supporting Rylee’s Cycling Ambitions

By 2018, Daniel had fully dedicated himself to supporting Rylee’s cycling ambitions, which included reaching the Paralympic level. He took charge of bike maintenance tasks to keep her equipment in shape.

On days when injuries left Rylee feeling discouraged, Daniel was always there to motivate her to push past limits. He also spent countless training hours by her side on the roads, providing both companionship and friendly competition.

Accompanying Rylee to Competitions

Daniel’s support extended internationally as he accompanied Rylee to competitions in Australia, Europe, and beyond. Taking on the caretaker role, he focused on ensuring her needs, from massages to homesickness, were cared for.

Rylee fondly says, “Daniel was my rock during those stressful periods away from home. I honestly don’t think I could have pursued my dreams as successfully without him.”

Mutual Understanding and Respect

Beyond shared athletic passions, their relationship thrives due to mutual understanding and respect. Whether training or traveling together, they approach each new experience as a united team.

Rylee Arnold

Rylee Arnold (Credits: @ryleearnold1/Instagram)

At home, Daniel assists Rylee with everyday tasks where an extra hand is needed. In return, Rylee is Daniel’s most enthusiastic cheerleader as he pursues his ambitions.

Looking Ahead to the 2024 Paris Paralympics

Looking ahead, the couple is focused on the 2024 Paris Paralympics. When not training, they enjoy relaxing outdoors, cooking meals together, and treasuring quality time. Daniel feels grateful to have found his soulmate in Rylee, admiring her unwavering spirit.

For Rylee, Daniel’s constant love and support serve as the driving force, keeping her striving for more. Their caring partnership will surely continue empowering both athletes to achieve all of their dreams.

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