Who is Alix Earle Dating: Everything You Need To Know About Braxton Berrios

Who is Alix Earle?
Who is Alix Earle? (Credits: @alix_earle/ Instagram)

Who is Alix Earle dating? Stay till the end to learn the correct answer to this question. However, before we start talking about who is dating Alix Earle, let’s take a quick look at Alix Earle’s background, professional background, and personal life.

Ever since she was a little girl, Alix Earle has had a passion for dance and humor. She would entertain her family by dancing around the living room and making silly skits, unaware that these joyful moments would one day propel her to internet stardom. Now at 22 years old, Alix’s dedication to her craft has earned her over 10 million followers on TikTok.

Through countless hours of choreography and scriptwriting, Alix crafts dance and comedy videos that bring smiles to people’s faces. While gaining a massive platform was never the end goal, she is grateful to now do what she loves for a living. Of course, newfound fame also comes with increased public interest in her personal life. Though she understands fans’ curiosity, Alix prefers to keep some details private to preserve normalcy.

Who is Alix Earle dating?
Who is Alix Earle dating? (Credits: @alix_earle/ Instagram)

A String of High-Profile Partners

In late 2022, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Alix had officially confirmed a new boyfriend on Instagram. She seemed happily in love until abruptly going solo again in early 2023. Ever polite, Alix chose not to air relationship grievances publicly. Rumors linked her to Braxton Berrios, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins that summer.

After Alix posted a video hugging him at a basketball game, fans put two and two together. While neither addressed the coupling initially, their flirty interactions online kept romance speculation simmering. However, gossip soon emerged claiming Braxton had cheated on Alix with an ex, understandably sparking backlash online against both parties.

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The Real Story Comes Out

Over the following months, gossip rages about Braxton supposedly cheating on Alix with an ex. Understandably, the allegations caused a public backlash against both parties online. Wanting to set the record straight, Alix decides to go on the Call Her Daddy podcast in September to tell her truth.

Alix confirms she and Braxton were not together when he was accused of infidelity. She also denies being a homewrecker, affirming their relationship only began after he parted ways with his previous partner. While hurt by false accusations, Alix handled the situation with grace and refused to fan drama flames.

What are the rumors related to Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios love life?
What are the rumors related to Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios’s love life? (Credits: @alix_earle/ Instagram)

An Uncertain Future

Despite naysayers trying to tear them down, Alix and Braxton have stood by each other’s sides. Only time will tell if their romance will stand the test of public opinion. Alix remains focused on her booming career and creating authentic connections with millions of fans worldwide. She won’t let negativity diminish her light, no matter what gossip swirls.

With hard work and a positive attitude, Alix Earle has risen from dancing in her living room to worldwide internet fame. While her love life faces outside judgment, she stays true to herself and shares her gifts unapologetically. Alix proves you can achieve your dreams as long as you dance to the beat of your drum. For further updates, you can follow Alix Earle on her Instagram account.

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