Accusations of Sexual Harassment Emerge Involving Bryan Fuller During Filming of Queer Horror Docuseries

Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller (Credits: Hey U Guys)

Accusations of Sexual Harassment Arise Against Bryan Fuller, Creator of “Hannibal” and “American Gods”

Bryan Fuller, renowned for his creations such as “Hannibal” and “American Gods,” finds himself entangled in a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, claims that Fuller harassed a fellow producer during the production of an AMC docuseries centered on queer horror.

According to the plaintiff, Sam Wineman, Fuller subjected him to a hostile work environment by consistently making explicit references to masturbation, engaging in casual bullying, and, disturbingly, physically encroaching upon Wineman by holding him from behind in a manner that was perceived as inappropriate.

Both Fuller and Wineman identify as gay and had collaborated on the series titled “Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror,” a four-part docuseries released on AMC’s Shudder streaming service in 2022. Wineman asserts that he was removed from the project roughly four weeks after lodging a complaint about Fuller’s behavior.

The lawsuit further alleges that Fuller made explicit comments about his own anatomy, discussed the sources of his arousal, and even made unsettling remarks about adult-child power dynamics in stories. It is claimed that Fuller left evidence of his personal activities on his desk, seemingly with the intent to discomfort Wineman.

Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller (Credits: Yahoo)

In addition to these allegations, Fuller is accused of bullying Wineman, disparaging him as “weak,” lacking charisma, and being “drier than NPR.”

The lawsuit points fingers at executive producers for allegedly protecting Fuller, citing the importance of his financial contributions. AMC has stated that it is currently reviewing the lawsuit and has refrained from commenting further.

Deadline initially reported on the lawsuit. Bryan Freedman, Fuller’s attorney, vehemently denied the allegations, deeming them “fictitious” and “absolute garbage.” He contends that Wineman was terminated due to “gross incompetence” and predicts that the evidence will ultimately expose Wineman as a “pathological liar.”

Sam Wineman, known for his horror short film “The Quiet Room,” showcased at Outfest in 2018, finds himself in a challenging legal battle against a figure in the industry who had previously received recognition, including an Outfest achievement award in 2017. Fuller had controversially outed Thomas Dekker, a star of the NBC show “Heroes,” in his acceptance speech.