Bachelor Clayton Echard Affirms Paternity Test: “He’s not the father.” Woman Says, “He’s Lying.”

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard (Credits: News Flash)

The former Bachelor lead, Clayton Echard, excitedly shared what he deemed “good news” on his Instagram last Friday, seemingly celebrating the resolution of the accusation that he fathered twins with an anonymous woman. However, the woman involved is adamant that things are not as clear-cut as Clayton suggests.

In a jubilant Instagram video, Clayton exclaimed, “Listen, it’s Friday, and you know what we need on a Friday? We need some good news, and who has got the good news today? I got the good news today.” He went on to reveal that the paternity test results had come back with minimal fetal DNA, expressing relief that months of torment were finally coming to an end.

Reflecting on the challenging period, Clayton stated, “Two false accusations in two years—I really don’t want to look ahead to next year to see what will happen. I think two false accusations in a lifetime is enough. This has been a trying time, but I learned so much about myself, and now back to the regularly scheduled program.” Notably, the prior “false accusation” he referenced was unrelated to paternity and instead involved allegations of infidelity with his then-girlfriend, Susie Evans, whom he met during his Bachelor season.

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard (Credits: Cheat Sheet)

Contrary to Clayton’s jubilation, the anonymous woman involved in the paternity dispute asserts that the situation is far from resolved. She told Us Weekly that the testing is still ongoing. “Regardless of what Clayton says, the test is not inconclusive,” she insisted. According to her, the lab identified issues with her initial sample and requested another one, which she intends to provide soon.

She further claimed that an employee from the lab informed her that even if the test were to return as “inconclusive,” it would not conclusively rule out her pregnancy. She accused Clayton of misleading his followers by prematurely celebrating the test results.

In a previous effort to address the paternity allegations, Clayton had shared receipts of the paternity test to prove his involvement while vehemently denying any sexual relationship with the woman. He also mentioned that there were “other individuals out there with nearly identical accusations being made against them by the exact same person.”

Despite Clayton’s apparent celebration, it appears that the paternity battle remains unresolved, and further developments may yet emerge.