Britney Spears Caught Driving Without a License or Insurance

Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Credits: Billboard)

Last month, pop sensation Britney Spears was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for driving without a license and failing to provide proof of insurance, according to court records revealed by Page Six on Tuesday. These infractions resulted in a total fine of $1,140.

However, Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, exclusively informed Page Six that “Britney always had a valid license and insurance; this is essentially akin to a minor parking violation.” An additional source also corroborated that the “Piece of Me” singer has both a valid license and insurance.

Despite having a significant book release scheduled for the same day as her purported court appearance, sources clarified that there is no actual need for a physical court appearance, and any outstanding fines can be settled online. Britney is set to unveil her highly anticipated memoir, “The Woman In Me,” on October 24.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Credits: Style Caster)

Britney’s encounter with law enforcement due to a traffic violation preceded a visit to her home by officers later in the month. On September 27, police visited the “Circus” singer at her Thousand Oaks, Calif., residence after a video of her dancing with knives raised concerns. Nevertheless, following a wellness check by the police, Britney’s security communicated via an intercom that she was “well” and that there were no issues.

Subsequently, Britney took to Instagram to address the entire situation, acknowledging that she may have alarmed her fans with her unsettling video but emphasizing that the knives were “fake.” She added, “These are not real knives. There’s no need to worry or contact the police. I’m attempting to emulate one of my favorite performers, Shakira… a performance that inspired me!”

It remains uncertain whether Britney will face any consequences for driving without a valid license and failing to provide proof of insurance. However, sources have confirmed that the pop star does indeed possess car insurance despite the aforementioned violations.