Scott Disick Uncovers the Reasons Behind His “Unhealthy” Sex Life

Scott Disick
Scott Disick (Credits: Page Six)

Scott Disick Acknowledges Struggles in His Intimate Life Post Car Accident. Scott Disick has candidly discussed the challenges he has faced in his sex life following a car accident in August 2022 that left him with worsening back pain. The revelation took place during the October 12 episode of “The Kardashians,” where he received his MRI results at Sports Rehab LA, joined by Khloe Kardashian.

Since then, everything in my life has changed, said Scott. When asked what he enjoyed doing before the accident, he jokingly replied, “Sex,” “I haven’t been able to run around.

When the doctor asked if it was recreational, Scott responded, “Mhmm, but now I can’t move. So, I’m terrible.” Khloe then chimed in, advising him to work on his back to make things better. Scott laughed, “Get back on the wagon to f–k? No motion for me!”

Scott, who has kids with Kourtney, was encouraged to start physical therapy by Khloe in order to possibly avoid having back surgery. She said, “Yeah, you are actually deteriorating before our eyes,” stating, “And I’m not gonna let this happen.”

Scott Disick
Scott Disick (Credits: Page Six)

Khloe revealed her plans to give Scott a pep talk in a confessional, saying she had never seen him this unwell. She thought Scott needed to understand that these problems could be resolved and shouldn’t depress him.

In a light-hearted moment, Scott joked that he could pursue a romantic relationship with Khloe by his significant 40th birthday. Khloe laughed.

Scott has dated Sofia Richie, with whom he split up in 2020, and Amelia Hamlin, whose 11-month relationship ended in September 2021. Model Rebecca Donaldson and he most recently dated broke up in June 2022.

The car accident occurred just two months after his break-up with Rebecca when he was driving his 2020 Lamborghini in Calabasas, Calif. Fortunately, he suffered only minor injuries during the incident.

Reflecting on the crash, Scott explained, “I was going up to pick [up] Mase, we were going to a movie. I was just coming up and driving by myself, which I was like, ‘Thank God,’ I made a right, and then the curbs in that neighborhood are not like flat curbs. They’re kind of like little lips. So, the wheel kind of came into that little lip and it just grabbed it, made it like pull a little. And by the time it pulled…I smacked into a pillar.”

Ultimately, the reality star’s car somersaulted forward and landed during the accident.