Jess Smith, the Teletubbies’ Sun Baby, is Pregnant for Her First Child with Partner Ricky Latham

Jess Smith, the Teletubbies' Sun Baby, is Pregnant for Her First Child
Jess Smith, the Teletubbies' Sun Baby, is Pregnant for Her First Child (Credits: Twitter)

Jess Smith, the Teletubbies Sun Baby, who rose to fame as a child character on the children’s television program in the late 1990s, is about to embark on a new journey as a mother. Smith recently shared the happy news that she and her partner, Ricky Latham, are expecting their first child on Instagram.

She jokingly captioned an Instagram post with a series of ultrasound images, “When two becomes three,” and added the name of her partner, Ricky Latham. Fans and followers responded to the news with love and excitement, with one writing, “The Teletubbies sun baby is having her own sun baby.”

Smith’s journey with the Teletubbies began when she was just a 9-month-old infant, portraying the iconic, smiling baby sun in the original run of the show. She chose to go public with her identity as the sun baby when she was a college freshman in 2014, embracing her unique connection to the beloved show.

Jess Smith
Jess Smith (Credits: Yahoo)

Strangely, Netflix’s announcement of a Teletubbies reboot has fans of the vintage series nostalgic and excited. This heartwarming news follows that announcement. Tituss Burgess narrates the new adaptation, which stars talented actors, Rachelle Beinart, Rebecca Hyland, Nick Chee Ping Kellington, and Jeremiah Krage as the well-known Teletubbies characters.

The reboot also brings fresh content to the table, including “Tummy Tales” hosted by Julia Pulo, along with catchy songs that promise to get the whole family dancing along. While the series introduces modern elements, it doesn’t forget its roots, featuring nods to the original series, from the whimsical theme song to the adorable Sun Babies and the characters’ familiar catchphrases.

As fans eagerly anticipate both Jess Smith’s journey into motherhood and the new Teletubbies reboot, it’s clear that the magic of Teletubbies continues to captivate audiences, young and old. Jess Smith’s life has come full circle from being the Sun Baby to embarking on the adventure of parenthood, creating a heartwarming link between the show’s past and its future.