Chris Evans Speaks Out for the First Time About His Marriage to Alba Baptista

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista
Chris Evans and Alba Baptista (Credits: PEOPLE)

Captain America actor Chris Evans recently opened up about his recent nuptials with Alba Baptista, and he did so in the spotlight at New York Comic Con. As an unexpected treat for fans, he proudly showcased his wedding ring, giving attendees a glimpse into his newfound happiness.

“I got married,” Chris enthusiastically shared with the crowd at the Javits Center on October 14, eliciting cheers of excitement from the audience. He expressed his sentiments about the experience, saying, “It was really, really great.”

The Avengers superstar went on to reveal that their journey to marital bliss included two meaningful ceremonies. The couple celebrated their union on both the East Coast and in Portugal, Alba’s home country. He playfully shouted out, “Yeah, yeah! Go Portugal!” Clearly, the international celebration added to the joy of their commitment.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista
Chris Evans and Alba Baptista (Credits: Business Insider)

Chris shared that both wedding ceremonies were “wonderful and beautiful.” Acknowledging the challenges that come with wedding planning, he quipped, “It’s a lot, planning a wedding. It’s a lot. Those of you who are married [know] it takes a lot out of you.” However, now that they’ve successfully navigated this complex process, the couple is relishing the joys of post-wedding life.

With autumn in full swing, Chris expressed his love for the season, calling it his favorite time of the year. He’s taking the opportunity to relax and savor life while reflecting on the exciting journey he and Alba have embarked on together.

In early September, numerous sources reported that Chris, 42, and Alba, 26, exchanged their vows at a private residence in Massachusetts, surrounded by family and friends. Among the guests were several of Chris’s fellow Marvel superheroes, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner.

Notably, Chris and Alba opted to keep their relationship and engagement under wraps, making their wedding a delightful surprise for their fans. They have reportedly been a couple for approximately two years, and now they are set to embrace this new chapter of life together.