Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About ‘Stranger Things’ Impact and Adult Criticism on Press Tours

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown (Credits: Variety)

Before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Millie Bobby Brown remarked how excited she was for “Stranger Things” to come to an end and how excited she was to pursue new chances. She was ready to accept the next stage of her career despite the show’s major influence on her life.

In order to improve her acting abilities, Brown thanked “Stranger Things” for giving her access to useful resources and experience. The end of the show, which she viewed as a graduation and the start of a new chapter in which she could write her own story and live life to the fullest, was something she looked forward to maintaining with her castmates.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown (Credits: USA Today)

An exciting project on the horizon is “The Electric State,” starring Chris Pratt and directed by the Russo Brothers. Brown viewed it as an unexpected and thrilling opportunity to collaborate with an experienced actor like Pratt and hoped for equal respect on set.

During the interview, Brown candidly discussed the criticism she faced at the age of 13 during “Stranger Things” press tours. She recounted being labeled as an “idiot,” “stupid,” and a “brat” for speaking over her co-stars and trying to steal their spotlight. She defended herself, emphasizing that they were all children and her enthusiasm had been unfairly penalized.

This early career negative experience has motivated Brown to advocate for the protection of underage actors in the future. She stressed the importance of refraining from passing harsh judgments on young individuals, as their brains are still developing, and such criticism can hinder their mental growth and self-esteem.

Brown’s journey has also led her into writing, with her debut novel, “Nineteen Steps,” as her latest creative endeavor.

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