Will Smith’s Children Express Sympathy Amidst Jada Pinkett Smith’s Marriage Revelations

Will Smith Family
Will Smith Family (Credits: US Weekly)

Willow and Jaden Smith Urge Respect for Their Parents’ Privacy. Reportedly, the Smith siblings empathize with their father, Will Smith, as Jada Pinkett Smith continues to reveal intimate details about their marriage while promoting her memoir, ‘Worthy.’ According to a source speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, they are distressed by the recent headlines regarding their parents’ rumored separation.

The source stated, ‘They recognize that he has been going through a challenging period, and this ongoing publicity is not helping matters.’ Willow and Jaden believe that some of their family’s personal matters should remain private.

The insider alleged that Will, aged 55, has been endeavoring to keep himself occupied by spending quality time with close friends and his children. The source added, ‘He’s striving to shield himself from external influences. Will’s love for Jada endures, and he continues to be supportive while taking care of his own well-being.’

Will Smith Family
Will Smith Family (Credits: The Good Morning America)

As of now, representatives for Willow and Jaden have not responded about the issues.

Will Smith, who is also the father of Trey Smith, has been married to Jada since December 1997. The 52-year-old actress recently disclosed that they have been living separately for several years.

In her cover story for People on October 11, the ‘Nutty Professor’ star mentioned that they are still in the process of understanding what this means for their marriage. During an NBC News special with Hoda Kotb, she hinted at their future, saying, ‘Now, we are in a profound healing phase, with a concentrated effort to mend our relationship and bring it back together.’

Will responded to her candid revelations in an email to the New York Times, published over the weekend. He wrote, ‘When you’ve spent more than half of your life with someone, a certain emotional blindness can develop. It’s easy to lose sensitivity to their hidden subtleties and beauties.'”

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