Elizabeth Debicki Reflects on Transformative Experience Portraying Princess Diana in The Crown Season 6 Premiere

Elizabeth Debicki
Elizabeth Debicki (Credits: Yahoo)

During the Los Angeles premiere of The Crown’s Season 6, Elizabeth Debicki offered insights about her experience as Princess Diana. Speaking only to PEOPLE, the 33-year-old actress discussed how the late princess taught her important lessons.

Debicki highlighted that her profound comprehension of the character convinced her that spreading love is the most significant endeavor in life. In addition, she explored the facets of Princess Diana’s character that she learned about in preparation for the part.

Elizabeth Debicki
Elizabeth Debicki (Credits: Getty Images)

“I learned a lot about the degree to which she had an enormous and wicked sense of humor, the challenges she faced, how she triumphed through them, and how she used her voice in a progressive manner for the time,” Debicki shared with PEOPLE.

Thinking back to the debut, Debicki looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder black gown and matching shoes. She was spotted with her kids, Rufus Kampa and Fflyn Edwards, who played Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively, on film.

At the event, Jonathan Pryce, Ed McVey, Meg Bellamy, Khalid Abdalla, and Luther Ford gathered for a group portrait with the actors. In the premiere, Debicki’s interpretation of Princess Diana was on display. She captured scenes where she was playing the piano and interacting with Abdalla’s character, Dodi Fayed, who was her love interest.

The official trailer for The Crown’s last season has been posted by Netflix, indicating that the critically acclaimed series will conclude. The first section, which will debut with four episodes on November 16, centers on the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana’s passing. It is assured, meanwhile, that the fatal crash will not be shown.

Six episodes of the second half of the season, which premieres on December 14, are expected to cover a variety of plot points, such as the development of King Charles and Camilla’s relationship and Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance.

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