Michael B. Jordan to Direct and Star in ‘Creed 4’ as Irwin Winkler Reveals Next Installment in the Boxing Film Series

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan (Credits: Daily Mail)

A new installment in the “Creed” film series is currently in the works, as revealed by franchise producer Irwin Winkler. Michael B. Jordan, who directed “Creed 3,” is set to helm the upcoming film. Having made his directorial debut in the third installment, Jordan also reprised his role as Adonis Creed, the heavyweight champion in the “Rocky” spinoff series. “Creed 3” achieved significant success, debuting with a record-setting $58 million at the box office in March of this year.

MGM has not provided any official comments regarding the development of “Creed 4,” according to Variety’s inquiry. Michael B. Jordan initially appeared as Adonis in 2015’s “Creed,” followed by the 2018 sequel and the recently released third installment in 2023. Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky Balboa in the first two “Creed” films, did not return for “Creed 3,” marking the first entry in the series without his character.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan (Credits: Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Variety reported discussions between Jordan and Amazon about expanding the “Creed” universe into both film and TV projects. While specific details about the projects were limited, sources indicated that talks were underway to leverage the success of the MGM film franchise on Prime Video following Amazon’s acquisition of MGM.

The announcement of “Creed 4” was first reported by Deadline, with a video clip posted on Twitter featuring Irwin Winkler sharing the news. Winkler expressed confidence in the upcoming film, stating that they have a compelling story and plot in mind. Despite facing delays due to a strike, Winkler mentioned that they plan to enter pre-production approximately a year from now.

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