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TikTok Explores an In-App AI-Powered Song Generation Process

TikTok’s Testing an AI Song Generation Process in the App

TikTok is currently experimenting with a new generative AI feature, introducing the “AI Song” option. This feature prompts users to utilize a basic text command process to generate original music for their clips. Screenshots shared by app researcher Jonah Manzano illustrate the functionality of this new option, revealing that the quality of results is contingent upon the user’s prompt-writing skills.

As per TikTok’s explanation, “AI Song” is an experimental feature utilizing AI to create songs based on user-entered prompts. The lyrics generated through this tool are powered by Bloom, recognized as the world’s largest open multilingual language model, boasting over 176 billion parameters and the ability to generate text in 46 languages. This extensive dataset implies a wide array of lyrical options for users, aiming for more diverse and creative outcomes.

TikTok Explores an In-App AI-Powered Song Generation Process

TikTok Explores an In-App AI-Powered Song Generation Process Credits: TikTok)

It appears that this feature is an extension of ByteDance’s earlier AI music project, the Ripple app, launched in selected markets the previous year. Ripple allows users to input a melody by singing or humming and then employs machine learning to develop a track around that initial input. The “AI Song” option seems to leverage the same music creation foundation, potentially assisting TikTok creators in crafting spontaneous viral hits or unique music to enhance their videos.

Furthermore, if extended to business profiles, this feature could offer a copyright-free method for adding soundtracks to video content. The emergence of generative AI poses the possibility of transforming the stock content industry by providing unique, copyright-free content that users can freely utilize. This trend is already evident in the use of AI-generated images on various websites. With tools like the “AI Song” option, stock audio may undergo a similar disruption, although the actual impact will depend on the quality of outputs from the tool.

Despite potential concerns about the quality of AI-generated content and potential copyright issues, the development of generative AI in various creative fields is gaining momentum. While challenges may arise, the current potential of TikTok’s “AI Song” option is significant. As of now, this feature is available to a selected group of users in the initial test pool.

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