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Palworld’s Resemblance Sparks a Meltdown Among Pokémon Enthusiasts

Pokémon fans are having a meltdown over Palworld’s likeness

In the brief period since hitting the gaming scene, Palworld has managed to stun the gaming community with an incredibly successful debut. Despite its auspicious beginning, the newly unveiled survival game has not been exempt from criticism, particularly from a specific fanbase. Members of this fanbase assert that the game is nothing short of a blatant imitation.

Adherents of the Pokémon franchise are claiming that Palworld has unapologetically borrowed various elements from their cherished series. This sentiment has gained momentum on social media this week, primarily fueled by the noticeable parallels between Palworld’s creatures and the iconic Pokémon characters. The game’s trailer has become a focal point, showcasing monsters that bear a striking resemblance to the well-loved Pokémon Wooloo and Eevee.

Palworld's Resemblance Sparks a Meltdown Among Pokémon Enthusiasts

Palworld’s Resemblance Sparks a Meltdown Among Pokémon Enthusiasts (Credits: Sports Illustrated)

To pass the time, some enthusiastic fans have embarked on an extensive exploration of these similarities. They meticulously examine and compare the Pals to their Pokémon counterparts, scrutinizing details ranging from tail shapes to ear sizes and even the number of feathers on their necks. Beyond these numerous resemblances, the overall visual style undeniably mirrors that of Pokémon.

A subset of ardent Pokémon enthusiasts has taken their discontent to the extreme by advocating for legal action against Palworld’s developers, Pocket Pair. While this may seem like a stretch, it’s worth noting that Nintendo, a gaming giant with a history of legal actions against indie developers for perceived breaches of copyright, has pursued similar paths in the past. Notably, the development of Pokémon Uranium, a fan-made game spanning nine years, came to an abrupt halt in 2016 due to a cease-and-desist order from Nintendo.

Palworld's Resemblance Sparks a Meltdown Among Pokémon Enthusiasts

Palworld’s Resemblance Sparks a Meltdown Among Pokémon Enthusiasts (Credits: Dexerto)

On platforms like Reddit, community members have gone so far as to label Palworld as a scam. Some claim that the game is essentially a compilation of stolen mechanics from the studio’s previous unfinished project, describing it as a product cobbled together with mobile game XP grinding. Such claims, however, may appear a bit exaggerated.

It seems that passionate sentiments are getting the better of some individuals, as indicated by a Reddit screenshot by Dot Esports. The frustration stems from a deep sense of attachment and loyalty to the Pokémon franchise, a universe that has been a source of joy for fans over the decades. The inclusion of nearly identical creatures in Palworld is perceived as an encroachment upon a cherished game.

At the time of writing, Palworld is basking in a remarkable launch, boasting one million players within just eight hours of its release. Developer Pocket Pair has sought to distinguish Palworld from Pokémon by placing a pronounced emphasis on the game’s survival elements.

While calls for legal action persist, there are currently no concrete indications of Nintendo taking any such steps. As a result, players are currently engrossed in constructing bases and arming their Pals with machine guns as they brave the challenges of the frontier.

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