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Valve’s ‘Comically Sad’ Update Leaves CS2 Players Bewildered

CS2 players dumbfounded by Valve’s ‘comically sad’ update

Valve, in its seemingly boundless wisdom, occasionally imparts upon us mere mortals of Counter-Strike a perplexing update that our feeble minds struggle to fathom. A recent update, characterized by a single enigmatic change, has left CS:GO players disgruntled and vexed.

Not all patches from Valve carry the same weight. Unlike a few months ago when Valve rolled out substantial updates to CS2, reshaping the entire gaming experience for the better, their endeavor on January 18 was rather uneventful. This elicited astonishment from players on Reddit the following day, as they expressed incredulity that Valve would release such a seemingly inconsequential patch.

Valve's 'Comically Sad' Update Leaves CS2 Players Bewildered

Valve’s ‘Comically Sad’ Update Leaves CS2 Players Bewildered (Credits: DOT Sports)

The term “meaningless” was used not to diminish its impact, but rather to emphasize that the update lacked the significance required for its release, especially when the game grapples with more pressing issues than a mere geometry gap on Vertigo.

One player humorously dubbed the update as “comically sad,” a sentiment shared by others. Some jestingly speculated that Valve might have a lone developer assigned to CS2, resulting in these meager patch notes. Whether perceived as insignificant or not, the update appears to have addressed an exploit on Vertigo, recently brought to attention by m0nesy, which could have posed a threat to the ongoing RMR Major qualifiers. While commendable, focusing on a singular fix in a game plagued by technical issues, some of which were evident in those same RMR qualifiers, gives the impression of an out-of-season April Fool’s joke.

With players experiencing issues ranging from invisibility glitches to severely malfunctioning pings (an essential communication tool) and exploits in the game’s team switch screen, Valve confronts a multitude of bugs and concerns. However, it appears that the random Vertigo glitch, highlighted by a professional player, took precedence in this particular update.

The majority of players either expressed disappointment or playfully poked fun at Valve for this lackluster update. Yet, amidst the criticism, there is a prevailing desire for Valve to address the persistent issues that have plagued their flagship title since its release.

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