Ramy Youssef’s SNL Monologue: Advocacy for Trans President and Global Peace

‘SNL’ Host Ramy Youssef Calls for Trans Woman to Be Next President, Asks God to “Free the People of Palestine” and “Free the Hostages”

During his Saturday Night Live monologue, Ramy Youssef engaged with topics ranging from politics to religious observances. As the creator and star of Hulu’s “Ramy” and a recent addition to the cast of the Oscar-winning film “Poor Things,” Youssef took to Studio 8H for his debut hosting gig on NBC’s iconic sketch show.

Opening with a reflection on the convergence of religious holidays—Ramadan, Easter, and the release of Beyoncé’s new album—Youssef, a practicing Muslim, humorously shared his perspective on the spiritual significance of Ramadan. He highlighted the sense of communal love and openness within the Muslim community, contrasting it with anecdotes about his less emotionally expressive friends.

Ramy Youssef
Ramy Youssef (Credits: Variety)

Transitioning to politics, Youssef joked about the ubiquity of Donald Trump supporters, even in unexpected places like upstate New York, and playfully poked fun at President Joe Biden’s mannerisms and awareness. Expressing his dissatisfaction with both political options, Youssef garnered applause by suggesting that the next president should be a woman, followed by a more muted response when he specified a trans woman.

Youssef then delved into personal anecdotes about prayer and his interactions with friends facing various challenges, including custody disputes and family struggles in Gaza. Amidst his humorous storytelling, he earnestly interjected prayers for peace and freedom for the people of Palestine and hostages worldwide, prompting enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Youssef’s monologue showcased his ability to seamlessly blend humor with poignant social commentary, reflecting his ongoing advocacy for peace and humanitarian causes, notably highlighted by his wearing of an Artists for Ceasefire pin at the recent Oscars.

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