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South Park Season 25 Episode 4 Takes Us Back To The Cold War!

South Park Season 25 Episode 4
South Park Season 25 Episode 4

For twenty-five seasons, South Park has been able to draw in large audiences with its outlandish and at times, sleazy humor. Although some episodes of South Park may not be as popular as others, the show still has a strong comedic presence. So, let’s talk about South Park Season 25 Episode 4 then! What’s in store for us? The more and more we get closer to the release date, the more anticipation we get!

Titled “Back to the Cold War”, episode four marks the 315th episode overall of this long-running adult animated series on Comedy Central developed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Just on the last episode, we saw how Cartman gets all antsy-pansy when Liane —his mom— decides to get a job and leave the house. Be sure to read our recap about it. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this episode.

South Park Season 25 Episode 4

Stan and Randy marsh in the garage

South Park Season 25 Episode 3 Recap

Liane Cartman attends an interview at a South Park Realtors office in the hopes of obtaining a position as a real estate agent. As a result, she is given the impression that South Park is experiencing an influx of city dwellers and is promptly hired. The reaction of her son Eric Cartman when she tells him about her job is one of disbelief. As a result of Eric’s conversation with Butters Stotch, he makes the decision to get into the real estate business of his own. Eric is chastised by Liane for showing the same house to two separate families from the city at the same time, and Liane says he’ll start his own real estate agency if he does.

In the future, Eric begins showing his friends’ homes while they are still in their current locations. City people with their “city funds” and “city lifestyles,” which they initially support, are being welcomed into South Park by Mayor McDaniels at the chamber of commerce. Eric’s company, South Park Realty Group, is stealing customers away from South Park Realtors, which is owned by Eric. Because they believe that Eric’s picture for his business is causing them to lose sales, each agent bends their back in an exaggerated manner, resulting in their backs snapping.

Eric The Realtor

More and more sales are made by Eric after he creates a promotional video. People from the city come to the small town in search of a new place to live. There, Tuong Lu Kim tells the Chamber of Commerce members that city people hate each other the most and that they will eventually leave. When Mayor McDaniels declares open season on real estate agents, she asks Jimbo Kern to go to his gunshop and stock up on supplies. Liane becomes enraged when Eric takes a group of city residents on a tour of Tolkien Black’s house. All the agents at South Park Realtors have sprained their muscles trying to take new photographs for the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s been brought to the attention of the Chamber of Commerce that Eric has been showing Tolkien’s old house, which is causing havoc in the local real estate market. She finally tells him that she acknowledges that he is afraid of seeing his mother take a job that will divert her attention away from him and that she will be there for him no matter what. During the ensuing firefight, Liane decides to quit her real estate career and never work for anyone else again. When Liane and Eric give their resignation notice to the Chamber of Commerce, the entire city evacuates. The only place Eric and Liane can afford to live right now, however, is in a vacant hot dog stand.

South Park Season 25 Trailer:

Where to Watch South Park Season 25?

You can catch the third episode of South Park Season 25 by tuning in to Comedy Central when it airs. As an alternative, you can watch this show on Hulu + Live TV; Sling TV; Comedy Central; YouTube TV; Spectrum; and Hulu + Live TV + Hulu. Apple iTunes and Amazon Direct Video, as well as Vudu Fandango and Microsoft’s own storefronts, all offer the show for purchase.

South Park Season 25 Episode 4

Eric Cartman eats Nutella and watches some videos on his iPad

South Park Season 25 Episode 4 Release Date

South Park Season 25 Episode 4 will release on Comedy Central on March 2, 2022, at 20:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. Firstly, this episode’s title is “Back to the Cold War”, it was written and directed by Trey Parker. Secondly, this season consists of ten episodes. Thirdly, every new episode isn’t related to the previous one. With this, we conclude our coverage of South Park. Thank you for reading our blog post! I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends and followers. And don’t forget to return to Otakukart to stay up-to-date on your favorite series, movies, and shows!

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