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Top Anime Characters Voiced By Shoto’s Voice Actor Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji
Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaiji is one of the most hard-working voice actors right now. And he has played important roles in various projects. So he has given his voice to various animated series, movies, and video games. This talented actor debuted in 2004. So he has won the prestigious Seiyu award several times, and he is the first actor who has won the award for 2 consecutive years. He is often described as a very serious and committed actor. And he also describes himself as a leader in some interviews. This trait of his may have helped him in getting so many protagonist roles.

In some interviews, the actor has said that one of his favorite movies is Back To The Future, and he hopes to give voice to a show like this in the future. The actor is most famous for voicing Eren Jaeger from Attack On Titan, and this character is extremely demanding in nature. As the actor has said that he lost his voice while recording episode 80 of the series. So it will be interesting to see in the next episode why the actor lost his voice. The voice actor shows a unique passion for his craft. According to him, the main reason he loves his job is that it gives people hope. After watching an animated series, people often find more energy for the next day. Here are the 10 Characters Voiced By Shoto’s VA Yuki Kaji.

1) Shoto Todoriki

Shoto is one of the most important characters of My Hero Academia. And like most characters, he is training to become a pro hero. So he is generally considered to be very cold and aloof. And this is mainly due to his upbringing. And his father, Endeavor, is responsible for such upbringing. The voice actor has voiced Shoto in various games as well.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Todoroki from MHA

2) Meliodas

Meliodas is the protagonist of Seven Deadly Sins. And he represents the sin of Wrath in the series. So this character is more than 3,000 years old, even though he looks like a child. He is a very fearless and reckless character. And he also has a very strong sense of justice. But he also, on various occasions, does very perverted things. All of these aspects of the character, along with amazing voice acting, makes him an enjoyable character.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

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3) Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger is the protagonist of Attack On Titan. After some recent developments, he is considered the antagonist as well. So he is a very hot-tempered and impulsive person. Due to this, his character requires a lot of strain on his voice. And the actor himself said that playing this character opened various doors for him. The voice actor has played Eren in video games and AoT Junior.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Eren from Season 4 of AoT

4) Kenma Kozume

Kenma is one of the most loved characters of Haikyuu. And he was the brain and heart of his team. As he was the setter for his team Nekoma high. Like Todoroki, he also has a very reserved nature. But he is more friendly. And even though he is not the protagonist, he has a large fanbase. So this is easily one of the actor’s most notable works. Kenma is a very skilled player, even though he is modest about it. And the character comes under the top 10 most popular characters of Haikyuu.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Kenma during his school days from the series Haikyuu

5) Koichi Hirose

Koichi is one of the supporting characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Such characters are often called Jobros by the fandom. So this character has made appearances in two parts of JJBA. The first one is Diamond is Unbreakable. And the second one is Golden Wind. He made an appearance in the OVA; Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. So this character has a very calm and friendly demeanor. And acts as the non-eccentric counterpart in JoJo. And the actor has acted in all of these parts. Yuki Kaiji also voiced part 7, JoJo. This character is Johnny Joestar. And he did this for the JJBA Eyes of Heaven game.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Koichi with his stand-in JJBA Part 4

6) Alibaba Saluja

Alibaba is the second protagonist of the Magi franchise. So this character is initially shown as a very cunning and witty person. And he takes great pride in this while committing petty crimes. But his character gradually changes for the better. And this happens after he meets Aladdin. While Aladdin appears as an omnipresent being, he is different. And we genuinely feel like rooting for his development and success.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Alibaba from Magi

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7) Issei Hyoudou

Issei is the main character of High School DxD. Unlike most of the series mentioned above, the demography for this is mature. This series constitutes various Ecchi scenes. So Issei is a third-year student of his high school. And he is considered the most perverted out of the “Perverted Trio”. As the bizarre story unfolds, we see that he dreams of becoming a Harem King. Despite his flaws, we see him show courage in various instances.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Issei from the show High School DxD

8) Terunori Kuga

Terunori Kuga is one of the supporting characters of Food Wars, and this show is another ecchi series on the list. Kuga is introduced as one of the Elite 10 of Totsuki. Totsuki is one of the most elite culinary institutes in Japan. While Kuga is introduced as an antagonist, he later offers his support to the main characters, and he appears overconfident in the starting. As he was the 3rd sear of his school, this was justified. But later, we get to see his earnest side as well.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Kuga, while showing off his skills in Food Wars

9) Yukine

Yukine is the third main character of Noragami, and the plot of Noragami revolves around Gods. But we see a modern and fictionalized version of them. Yukine is Yato’s Regalia, and Regalia is supposed to be a type of weapon used by Gods. But here, these weapons are personified. And Yukine is initially extremely dissatisfied with his job. But he later comes to terms with it. And there is an interesting trivia about the cast of Noragami. So Hiroshi Kamiya plays Yato in this, and the same actor also plays Levi in AoT. So we can see a similar leader-subordinate duo.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Yukine from Noragami

10) Speed-o-Sound Sonic

Sonic is one of the recurring antagonists of One Punch Man. And this character has great prowess over ninjutsu. As he can move at the speed of sound, he got his name. But after getting defeated by Saitama, his ego got hurt. So now, he is determined to defeat Saitama at any cost. As a character, he gets driven into battles. Such qualities make him a very endearing villain.

Characters Voiced By Shoto's VA Yuki Kaji

Sonic from One Punch Man

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