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Hunter X Hunter: What Happened Before Season 7?

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter x Hunter is a manga series that was written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since March 1998 but has gone into multiple hiatuses since 2006. The protagonist of this story is a young boy named Gon Freecss, who finds out that his father, who left him at such a young age, is really a Hunter, a professional who specializes in fantastical pursuits of looking for rare animal species, treasure hunting or hunting down wanted individuals. Despite being abandoned by his father, Gon decides to become a hunter like him and find him. On his way, Gon meets other hunters and experiences the paranormal. In this article, we look back at the events of the previous seasons and the possibilities of Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

Where We Left off

Gon had reunited with his father, and Ging tried to calm down his son while dealing with audience members chiding him for being the worst father. Gon takes his leave after he places his vote to Pariston, only for him to resign after he named Cheadle his Vice-chairman and successor unexpectedly. Cheadle later confronts Pariston soon after for this, lamenting over wanting to play a little more with Netero while he tells her to reform the 10 commandments and Hunter exam. Killua asks Tsubone and Amane to leave them as he waits out Illumi as he deduced that only his younger brother could order Nanika.

Killua has Nanika to teleport Illumi back to the Zoldyck estate, ordering her never to wake up again so Alluka can live a normal life. But then he changes his mind after Alluka convinces him to apologize to Nanika and protect her, giving her the command not to grant any more wishes instead. An emotional Tsubone watches the scene from far away while being informed by Kikyo that the threat level is removed. Later, Kite is revealed to have been reincarnated as the Chimera Ant Queen that Colt had been caring for following the real Queen’s death.

Kite then tells Gon that he doesn’t have to blame himself for her current condition before she suggests to go and meet Ging, who promised that he would wait for him at the Hunter Association Building. But once Gon arrives, Beans apologized for failing to stop Ging, who left a letter for Gon to meet him at the top of the World Tree. Gon, Killua, and Alluka then reach the town near the World Tree, where Gon and Killua then part ways and promise each other that they will meet again someday. Gon then climbs up at the World Tree where Ging is waiting for him, and both of them finally have a heart to heart. Ging narrates to Gon about his early days as a hunter, telling him the motivation that he didn’t have earlier.

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Ging then reveals the World Tree is actually a sapling, and he then tells Gon his intent to see the world outside their current map in which the Chimera ants have originated from while he contends to bid his time until he gets the requirements to proceed. Gon later gives back his Hunter license that he loaned to Kite before he tells him of all the adventures and the friends that he had made. Gon later returns to Kite’s group, and he sends the recordings of the small-billed swans to his friends while Kurapika gives the last rites to the retrieved eyes of his kin.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

When will Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Come out?

It’s unknown whether or not the series has been renewed for Hunter X Hunter Season 7 as most of the cast and crew are busy with other projects currently, and especially due to the COVID-19 situation, it is unknown whether or not the series will come back for a 7th season. But there are hopes for it returning soon as it has to complete a lot of unfinished arcs. The creator Yoshihiro Togashi took a break from creating more arcs for the series to focus on his mental health, but he will be back soon to write more. He even said that if he dies, his wife will complete Hunter x Hunter for him. All the previous seasons are streaming on services like Netflix.

The plotline of Season 7 will likely focus on Gon finding out that his father is alive and following in his footsteps of becoming a hunter like him. He will have to take a hunter examination to achieve that goal. The main voice cast features Megumi Han, Mariya Ise, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Keiji Fujiwara.

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