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Black Clover Episode 158 Preview, Schedule for January 2021

Black Clover Episode 158

As the long-awaited battle against the Spade Kingdom is getting close, Asta and his comrades are well into their training. Guided by the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom, the magic knights have finally started acquiring the Mana Method and are surpassing their limits every day. Cursed by the Devil Megicula, Queen Lolopechka’s days are numbered. She and the Water Spirit “Undine,” being the only ones who have faced the devil, have planned a strategy making use of Noelle and Secre. Meanwhile, Asta has been training with the Spirit Guardians, especially working on his ki and honing the skills that come with his swords – Demon-Slayer, Demon-Dweller, and Demon-Destroyer. In this article, we discuss the previous episode 157 and the things expected for the Black Clover Episode 158.

Recap of Episode 157

After training with other Spirit Guardians, Asta has come back to spar with Gaja. Asta’s Anti-Magic being so unique, Gaja is astounded by his immense growth and therefore asks to know more about his life up to this point and the devil residing in his grimoire to understand and further help increase his strength.

The Spade Kingdom Arc beginning next episode, this episode acts out as a way to summarise all that has happened up till now. So, Asta is shown narrating his life from being found in Hage village, having no magic, getting his grimoire and swords, being selected in the magic knights, learning Ki from Yami, getting the Black form and controlling it, and even the fight against the reincarnated Elves and the Devil.

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Noelle’s Will

In the battle against the Spade Kingdom, Lolopechka isn’t the only one looking forward to defeating the Devil Megicula. Driven by her goal to avenge her mother, “Acier Silva,” who was also a victim to Megicula’s Curse, Noelle has been training with Undine to get better control over her “Valkyrie Dress” to use it’s abilities to the maximum. Undine being the Water Spirit has great compatibility with Noelle, and the training with her could be the way to bring forth Noelle’s latent abilities. Only time will tell how much Noelle will grow during her training in the Heart Kingdom.

Asta’s Swords

All three of Asta’s swords are known for their different abilities. Demon-Slayer Sword for dispelling and bouncing off magic, Demon-Dweller Sword for absorbing and hurling magic, and Demon-Destroyer negates spells altogether. But, during the training in the Heart Kingdom, we have come to see new abilities appear. The Demon-Dweller Sword can now be used to launch long-range attacks by transferring Anti-Magic into it and hurling it towards the opponent. And it has even been noticed that Asta can now summon the Demon-Slayer Sword if it were away from him. These revelations only open the path to new possibilities and ways to fight and makes us eager to see what else these swords can do.

Schedule for January 2021

Back in April, it was announced that Black Clover would have a filler arc. This arc will be based on the time skip and will be used so that the manga can go ahead. Now, nearly 9 months later. We are finally back on track.

The schedule for January has been released and is as follows:

Episode 158: “The Beginning of Hope and Despair” January 5, 2021

Episode 159: “Quite Lakes and Forest Shadows’ – January 12, 2021

Episode 160: “The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom” – January 19, 2021

Episode 161: “Zenon’s Power” – January 26, 2021

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Preview for Black Clover Episode 158

Episode 158, titled “The Beginning of Hope and Despair,” will finally commence the Spade arc. From the preview video itself, one can see how spectacularly Asta has grown. He is shown to have much-defined muscles and a new Black Bulls robe. And only shown a glimpse of it, but we could see that Asta was flying while standing on his sword. Judging from the previous episode, it could be the Demon Slayer Sword as we now know that it can move according to Asta’s will. We are even shown some sort of fort in a dark region. Looks suggest that it is in a strong mana region where Asta is headed towards to fight off Spade soldiers.

Except for glimpses of Dante Zogratis, who we saw a reflection of, and Zenon Zogratis, who we saw in the Diamond Kingdom, we have only seen Vanica Zogratis in the promotional materials, and now it’s finally time that we see this evil trio in action.

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