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The Challenge Season 38: Everything We Know So Far!

the challenge season 38: Everything we know so far!
The Challenge Season 38

Although not every reality program can boast a 37-season run, MTV’s “The Challenge” has shown time and time again that a good competition show can’t be beaten. The show’s near-infinite malleability is part of its attraction. As befits a series that is a spinoff of “Road Rules” and “The Real World,” rather than following its own stringent set of rules and recruiting its own contestants, the show has always been glad to showcase people you may recognize from their previous appearances on other reality shows. Similarly, the titular challenges are numerous and varied, and participants have no way of knowing which variation of the subject they will face in any given season… or whether they would be forced to tackle the challenges alone.

The end result is a competitive and entertaining show that has lasted the test of time to the point where viewers are reminiscing about classic challenge surprises. Clearly, fans can’t get enough of the good things, but can the show survive past its current season, “Spies, Lies, and Allies?” Let’s see what we know so far about “The Challenge” Season 38’s release date, cast, and location.

MTV has yet to announce whether or not “The Challenge” will be renewed, but considering the show’s long run and ongoing popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if the announcement came sooner rather than later. Even yet, it’s difficult to pinpoint a precise debut date — or, for that matter, whether there will be one at all — until the news is formally released.

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Release date of Challenge Season 38

However, based on the release dates of prior seasons, a few educated guesses about the prospective release date of the hopefully impending 38th season can be made. Season 36 of “The Challenge,” “Double Agents,” ended on April 21, 2021. MTV confirmed the cast list and launch date for Season 37 in July 2021, according to Entertainment Weekly, and the season began broadcasting in August. Season 37 of “Spies, Lies & Allies” ended on December 22, 2021, therefore, assuming Season 38 follows a similar production schedule, you may expect to hear more about it soon, and the season should launch somewhere in the spring or early summer of 2022. However, Reddit rumor has it that filming won’t begin until March, thus, a later premiere date is also possible.

Possible Cast of Challenge Season 38

There’s one individual who is practically guaranteed to return for Season 38 insofar as the phrase “cast” can be applied to a reality competition show. TJ Lavin, the famed BMX pro and long-time host of “The Challenge,” has anchored the show at even its most ludicrous moments with his calm and steady presence. Lavin’s intense sports background and no-nonsense presenting style, according to GQ, give him a real presence for both viewers and candidates.

The people who surround Lavin — the actual competitors — remain, however, a complete mystery, at least until the list of competitors is released. Because of the nature of the show, each season has a different group of contestants, and while you can probably expect to see a few recognized faces from other reality series, you’ll have to wait a while until the actual roster is revealed. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the show recently provided a huge indication regarding one possible contestant: The cover photo of the official “The Challenge” Twitter and Facebook profiles was changed to a poster showing veteran contender and multiple-season finalist Nany González on January 31.

the challenge season 38: Everything we know so far!

The Challenge Season 38

Location of Challenge Season 38

What a great question! The numerous, always interesting, and frequently exotic settings where the show’s challenges take place are a key draw. Over the years, the show has been rather adventurous with its location choices, with Thailand being the only somewhat regular place in the last 20 seasons or so. Season 35 took place in the Czech Republic and Austria, whereas seasons 36 and 37 took place in Iceland and Croatia, respectively, indicating that the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has skewed things toward Europe. Knowing this, it’s probably reasonable to conclude that the show will stick to its European roots in Season 38.

However, “The Challenge” has seldom stayed on the same continent for more than a few seasons, and the tournament hasn’t been held in the United States since Season 9, so who knows? It’s possible that a reunion is in the works.

Rules Every Contestant Has to Follow on the Challenge, MTV debuted two of its most important reality shows in the early 1990s. “The Real World” was the first, and it followed a group of strangers from various backgrounds living together in a specific place while being filmed. The second was “Road Rules,” which had a similar premise but involved strangers driving to

different destinations together. Alumni from both of these series were reunited for a new show called “The Challenge,” in which they compete for money. “The Challenge” has the distinction of being television’s longest-running competitive show. “The Challenge” expanded to the point that it hired stars from other MTV reality programs after 30 seasons and surviving longer than both “The Real World” and “Road Rules.” However, as with any competition series, the contestants must adhere to certain restrictions. Here’s a list of things the cast of “The Challenge” can and can’t accomplish.

the challenge season 38: Everything we know so far!

The Challenge Season 38

The Challenge participants are not supposed to leave the house. A typical season of “The Challenge” lasts three to four months and airs once or twice a year. In between the physical challenges, candidates agree to live in a house together and be recorded 24/7, just as on previous MTV reality shows. Contestants are required to stay in the house unless they are eliminated, kicked out, need to leave for medical reasons, or request to leave for personal reasons. In a 2018 interview with Rolling Stone, longtime contender Chris “CT” Tamburello noted that the producers are highly tight about not leaving the house, noting that there is “very little escape.”

Tamburello went on to say that this wasn’t the case in previous seasons when candidates were given a “day off” to rest in the real world. Being there for so long might get tedious, which is exacerbated when there are fewer individuals to live with when some are gone. Even so, all of the monotony that comes with filming is worth it in the end when you win the top prize.

Every participant in The Challenge is compensated. On a regular season of “The Challenge,” there are two sorts of contestants: veterans and rookies. Veterans are players who have previously competed on the show and have “earned their stripes,” while Rookies are newcomers who are usually targeted first by the Vets because it is the easier option.

Everyone on the show is paid, regardless of their position in the cast. According to Us Weekly, a rookie may expect to be paid $1,000 each week for as long as they stay on the show. Even though they have yet to win the competition, more experienced contenders are said to earn between $3,000 and $5,000. Then there are the “elite” players, who include some of the show’s most well-known, well-liked, or explosive characters. According to insiders, those individuals can earn up to $80,000 simply by showing there. It’s no surprise that some of these people have turned this show into a career.

the challenge season 38: Everything we know so far!

The Challenge 

For breaching the rules, contestants may be disqualified. MTV still has complete casting control, despite the fact that numerous contestants from “The Challenge” have gone on to become series regulars. Contestants can be permanently barred from appearing on the show if the network deems it necessary. MTV has a variety of reasons for severing connections with a participant, and those reasons aren’t always disclosed. Some contestants, on the other hand, are simply too troublesome for the network to risk bad press.

Tonya Cooley, who sued two of her former cast members and MTV for sexual assault during the filming of “The Ruins,”. Dee Nguyen, who was fired from her contract and edited out of “Total Madness” for her inappropriate statements against the Black Lives Matter movement, is a more recent example, according to Deadline. MTV issued a statement claiming that they “strongly oppose institutional racism and support with people speaking out against racial injustice” in response to her statements.

Throughout the show’s 37-season run, there have been numerous scandals that have resulted in cast members being sacked by production. While MTV has never been known for being a family-friendly network, “The Challenge” appears to have some guidelines.

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