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Wonder Woman 3 May Come Earlier Than Originally Planned

Wonder Woman 3

Two days after the release of Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. has confirmed for Wonder Woman 3 in the works. Wonder Woman 1984 has debuted in the theatres and on HBO Max after so many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal. Patty Jenkins is confirmed to return as the director, and this movie will complete the trilogy of DC’s Wonder Woman series.

When will Wonder Woman 3 release?

It is not known when will the third movie release. But Patty Jenkins might’ve already worked on the story of the film, just like how she was doing for WW84 while working on the first film. So Warner Bros might already start production on that film and release it sometime in 2024 0r 2025, while Jenkins is working on her Rogue Squadron film for Star Wars. With the response to WW84, it looks like Wonder Woman 3 production may be pushed to an earlier time.

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins

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What is the plotline of Wonder Woman 3?

The story of the movie hasn’t been shared yet, but there are a lot of possibilities for what it could be about. The first Wonder Woman took place during the World War, where she tries to discover her true powers and take down her enemies in the war. The second movie took place during the 1980s, where Diana was faced with two new enemies Max Lord and The Cheetah. It is confirmed that the third movie will not be a prequel like the previous two movies. The potential plotline for Wonder Woman 3 would probably be Diana trying to find Astreia, the lost warrior who saved the Amazons from being enslaved by humans years ago.

Who will be in the cast?

It is confirmed that Gal Gadot will be returning as Wonder Woman in the third film. However, it is unknown whether or not her love interest Steve Trevor will return as Chris Pine stated that his character’s story is done and he might not come back for the third movie. It is unknown whether Kristen Wiig or Pedro Pascal will return to reprise their roles as The Cheetah and Max Lord, respectively. The Amazons might also make a return to the third movie along with the return of Themyscira itself.

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What Happened in WW84?

In the movie, Diana and Steve try to track down Max, who becomes a powerful and influential figure causing worldwide chaos all over. They later find out more about the Dreamstone, especially the fact that it was invented by Dolos, the god of mischief and treachery. The stone grants its user the wish, and the only way to reverse it is by renouncing their wish or destroying the stone itself. Max ends up granting everyone’s wish while he ends up regaining his own deteriorating health. Diana and Steve later confront him, and Barbara joins Max to protect him.

Steve later convinces Diana to let go of him and renounce her wish to gain her true powers. She later battles Barbara, who turns into a Cheetah, and finally defeats her. She later uses the lasso of truth on Max to communicate with the world through him and convinces them to renounce their wishes. She even shows Max visions of his own troubled past and his son wandering around the streets all alone in the chaos. This convinces Max to give up his powers and become a better father to his son. Later, it is revealed that Astreia is still alive and is living in the human world secretly.

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