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Surviving Death: Stories & Theories of Life and Beyond

Netflix has continuously proved to be an amalgamation of innumerable genres and projects that suffice the audiences of various mindsets all around the world. For the past few years, Netflix has made its documentary game stronger with time. Unlike the other OTT’s that usually focus only on fictional projects, Netflix has been a platform to be a torchbearer of answers that aren’t quite easy to unfold. Based on New York Times Best Selling author Leslie Kean’s book ‘Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife’, Netflix is ready to drop yet another unusual docuseries under the same name. Directed by Rieki Stern, the project will premiere on 6 January 2021 and will stretch to a length of 6 episodes.

Stern believes that since the docuseries is being dropped during the second wave of the global pandemic, Surviving Death might appeal largely to the audiences who have witnessed the death of a close one in the near past. Human existence has always been an unsolved puzzle for some part of it has been impossible to discover. Some questions have no rigid answers even though we have evolved and figured out so much. The questions that emerged back in history have continued to pass through generations with one similarity all throughout-no solid facts but only experiments and speculations and some vivid experiences.

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Humans have always feared death because they have no clue what death beholds. Is the afterlife a true phenomenon? Is it possible to have a medium of communication between the dead and the alive? Is it possible to have a reincarnation? Can we retain the memories and experiences of our past life? Well, these questions have always been a matter of constant nudging, especially the people who have suffered the death of someone close to them.

The docuseries will try unfolding the answers to all these questions and the facts that follow behind them. It will witness an in-depth series of experiments and fact statements. The series will interview scientists, paranormal experts, and psychiatrists who have been studying for years to find out how life is behind the closed doors of death and mortality. It will a cluster of personal stories and experiences, research and theories on near-death experiences, possibilities of reincarnations, and the presence of paranormal phenomena and activities that have been weaved together with one question.

A still from Surviving Death

Sometimes children tend to talk about stories and incidents that have no connection with their present lives. Are these theories of previous life memories and existence? According to Stern, the show will try unveiling the truth behind the curtains of dilemma whether a person can retain it’s consciousness after his body dies or not. People who have suffered the pain of losing a close one seek mediums to communicate with them. Surviving Death’s research and stories might act as a trigger for the people who either had a near-death experience or the ones who lost someone in their lives at any point in time.

The topic is not a usual discussion. Instead, it is sensitive and might stimulate some part of people’s wounds that might have taken years to heal. The following show has been given a 13+ certification by Netflix but is not advisable for certain audiences to he viewed.

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