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Best Series Similar to Pieces of Her That You Shouldn’t Miss

Series Similar to Pieces of Her
Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her is a TV Series in the Drama Thriller Genre. The show follows the life of Jane Queller, AKA Laura Oliver. Laura appears to be a regular old single mother. Who lives for her daughter and wants to see her Happy. Or should I say that’s what she wants the rest of the world to believe? Before I go any further into the story SPOILER ALERT. When the mother-daughter is attacked by a mass shooter, Laura shows no hesitation in taking him down. Much to the surprise of her daughter, who views her as a peaceful soul. The story progresses as Andy, the daughter uncovers the real identity of her Mother. What she uncovers is a chilling story of Betrayal, Deceit, and Murder.

It is later revealed that Laura Oliver is an Alias created for her as part of the Witness Protection Program. Turns out she is hiding from a group of very dangerous and powerful men. But as fate would have it, her face gets plastered all over the news. As part of the Mass Shooting story. This leads her pursuers to find out about her location. Putting both her and her daughter’s life in danger. The entire season we see Jane’s past comes knocking. And this time around she has no one to protect her. We also get a peek into Jane’s and Andy’s father, Nick’s past. The past reveals how Juna got into her current predicament. And gives us an idea of how much danger she is actually in.

Have you have finished watching Pieces of You, loved it, and are actively looking for something similar? Well, Look no further cause I have the perfect compilation for you.

1. The Cleaning Lady

First of all, we have The Cleaning Lady. This Crime Drama series is about a mother who comes to the U.S looking for treatment for her son’s rare condition. However, when her visa runs out she has no way but to stay in the country illegally. To make ends meet, she takes on the role of a Cleaning lady. Learning that she is a doctor by profession, she is approached by members of an organized crime syndicate. She gets offered a lot of money to help them clean up crime scenes. Seeing this as a quick way to her son’s recovery, she obliges. To say she had no idea what she was getting into would be an understatement.

Series Similar to Pieces of Her

The Cleaning Lady

The show has a total of 10 episodes, and only one season is released at the moment. The episode duration is 45 minutes. Furthermore, the show is a FOX Orignal. And therefore you can stream it on FOX’s official content streaming website and Hulu. Both shows have several overlapping tones. Like how both of them are single mothers just trying to keep their children safe. They both turn to a life of crime which they quickly regret. The story progresses as they try to do right by their children. If you like what you have heard till now. You should consider giving it a go.

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2. Behind Her Eyes

Behind her eyes is a Supernatural Thriller TV Series that premiered in 2021. The show follows the life of a single mother who falls for her boss. What’s interesting about the show is that, while having an affair with her Boss she befriends his Wife. What transpires is a story full of twists and turns with a new mystery at every corner. She tries to uncover a murder that happened long ago, which she believes was committed by her Boss and her Wife. However, everything is not what it seems. Watch this Single mother go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole to bring the truth to Light

Series Similar to Pieces of Her

Behind Her Eyes

Furthermore, The show has a total of 6 episodes. It is based on a novel of the same name and has an episode duration of 45 minutes. You can stream the show on Netflix. I really loved the Supernatural element they worked into the series. It suits the story very well and sort of blends into it. One can say that is what holds the show together. If you are a fan of Supernatural Psychological Thrillers, this here series is a must-watch. It’s only 6 episodes, and therefore you should be able to finish watching it rather quickly.

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3. Stay Close

This Mystery Drama Series is also based on a Book. This is a story involving a decades-old murder, which soon turns into a series of serial murders. Taking place in the quiet and fictional suburbs of Livingstone. Soon things prove to be not so Quiet. As episodes progress, we are exposed to the reality of Livingstone and its inhabitants. Furthermore, we have an oblivious law enforcement officer still mourning over that one case that got away. His passion is reignited when more people start disappearing in the same manner. What he uncovers is a web of lies which proves to be more challenging than he believed it to be.

Stay Close

Stay Close

The show has a total of 8 episodes with a 60-minute episode duration. You can stream the show on Netflix. Like in Pieces of Her, this woman’s past comes knocking. And she will do everything in her power to save her life. And of those she loves. If you find the plot interesting, you can stream the show on Netflix. It shows us how people are not who they seem. Certainly not in the Suburbs. Furthermore, Stay Close is a fairly new TV Show as it was released on New Year’s eve. Watch a couple of episodes, you won’t regret it.

4. Safe

This Mystery Crime Drama involves an unsolved arson case from long ago. And several Murders that happen to make sure what was buried stays that way. Everything seems to be going fine until one day, the daughter of the lead character goes missing. This is especially devastating for him as he lost his wife very recently. And the kidnapping make him afraid that he would never get a chance to bond with his children. He is ready to shake turn over heaven and hell if it means it will return his daughter. But can he really believe those who claim to be his Friends? Are they helping him get closer to his daughter? Or are they taking him further and further away from her? Find out in Safe



The show has a total of 8 episodes of 40-minute episode duration. The show is available to be streamed on Netflix. How far will a father go to save his Child? and How far will her captors go to cover up their crimes? The shows make us question everyone as with each passing episode. We see that everyone is not who they seem to be. Furthermore, the show depicts how strong of emotion self-preservation actually is. The show has a very interesting plot that will is assured to keep you on the edge of your seats the entire time.

5. Castle Rock Season 2

If you are wondering why Season 2 and Not season 1, I will tell you. Even though both seasons take place in the same fictional town. Season 2 is not a continuation of season 1. Season 2 follows its own separate storyline. And since it takes place in the same town, some facts overlap. The show follows the lives of a single mother who is a traveling Nurse and her teenage daughter. Thinking Castle Rock was a calm and composed town was her first mistake. She soon realizes that Castel Rock is anything but that. As evil forces try to kidnap her daughter, she has to save her. All the while fighting her own personal demons. The show has a supernatural element to it which makes everything better.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock Season 2

The show had a total of 10 episodes with an episode duration of 45 minutes. The show is available to stream on both Netflix and Hulu. You don’t need to watch Season 1 to understand season 2 as there is little to no connection. What makes the show so good is how a mother who suffers from mental illness tries to raise a teenage girl. Furthermore, Her reaction when someone threatens her safety was one of the best moments in the show. Those who love a little horror with their Thriller Drama will love the show.

That concludes the list of series you might want to watch if you have already finished Pieces of Her. And is looking for something similar and in some cases a better TV Show.

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