Aashram Season 3: Nirala Baba to Witness a Downfall?


One of the most loved and appreciated shows of MX player, Aashram, has been finally renewed for a third season. Directed and Produced by the famous filmmaker Prakash Jha, Aashram proved to be one of the most popular shows that came out in 2020. Starring Bobby Deol as the lead, the show witnessed the streaming of two seasons back to back in the year 2020. The show holds a brave appeal and script that has even put the team of Aashram under a series of legal trouble.

The crime drama series revolves around the protagonist Nirala Baba, an Indian spiritual godman of Kashipur. He claims to lead his followers to the path of salvation. He believes that the only key that leads you to a happy living is the abandonment of all the wealth and worldly attachments. But he isn’t what he claims to be. Behind the godly appearance he carries, he is nothing but a conman who is treacherous towards his followers and leads many of their lives into a living hell and sometimes towards death.

Bobby Deol as Nirala Baba

Behind the closed doors of Aashram, Nirala Baba is a deceiver. His ‘holy’ aashram in his presence practices all the unholy deeds of dirty politics, rapes, murders, drug smuggling, and all the activities associated with it. The Aashram comes under the surveillance of many people when few young girls never seem to return from Aashram and are found dead. Will the investigation against Nirala Baba be able to bring him down? Will his followers be able to see the real man behind the fake holy cape he walks around wearing?

The hindi crime drama series is a courageous approach to unveil the similar spiritual preachers that have been residing in India and being a part of such activities. The series takes its stand towards a sensitive issue that has been prevalent in our country and has been a reason for raising the numbers of crime.

The debut season of the show came out in August 2020, while the second season in October 2020. Both the seasons of the show were shot in Ayodhya in one go, so it was convenient for the team to release the seasons back to back. The show has been renewed for a third season but is unlikely to start filming now. On being asked about the project from the filmmaker, Prakash Jha said in his statement that keeping in mind the present scenarios of the global health pandemic, the work on the process project hasn’t been started, and the script, as well as the locations, have not been finalized as of now. But the upcoming season will witness the downfall of Nirala Baba. The upcoming season will also introduce some new characters along with some old ones who will reprise their roles.

The team is very excited regarding the show and happy with the positive reviews it has managed to gain. The previous seasons featured Bobby Deol along with Tridha Chaudhary, Aaditi Pohankar, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, Chandan Roy Sanyal, and Tushar Pandey, and many others. Season 3 of the show will start filming around March-April, and no official release date announced, but it is likely to hit the screens around October-November 2021.

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