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Black Clover Chapter 278: Nacht in Action?

Black Clover Chapter 278: Nacht in Action?

Captains William Vangeance and Yami Sukehiro are kidnapped by Dark Triad to conduct the ritual of Advent of Qliphoth. This ritual requires Dark Magic and the World Tree Magic to supposedly open the gates to the underworld and bring Devils to the surface. To stop the ritual and save the captains, Nacht comes up with a strategy. He plans to infiltrate the Spade castle by causing a distraction and stop the Dark Triad from the inside. At the same time, Mereoleona will cause a distraction along with Spade Kingdom Resistance. The infiltration team, including Yuno, Langris, Nozel, Charlotte, Rill, Dorothy, Jack, Nacht, and Fuegoleon, will enter the castle. Asta with Liebe is set to join later after training with four of Nacht’s Devils. We will discuss the previous chapter and give a preview of Black Clover Chapter 278 in this article.

Black Clover Chapter 277 Recap

Black Clover Chapter 278: Nacht in Action?

Yuno assimilates Sylph to transform into the Spirit of Boreas.

The matchups have been set, as Yuno and Langris confront Zenon. Zenon is surprised to see that the infiltrators aren’t from the resistance and Yuno is still alive. Yuno and Langris launch their attacks, but Zenon quickly overpowers them using his Bone Magic and Spatial Magic. And he even claims that he will defeat the two without having to take a step. Yuno assimilates Sylph and creates the Spirit of Boreas as he thrusts Zenon with a halberd.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Rill have come face to face with Vanica. Vanica is disappointed that she isn’t getting to fight Noelle. So, she sends a few of the Eight Shining Generals of the Diamond Kingdom to test their abilities. As the fight goes on, Vanica exclaims how she wanted to fight Asta or even Yami as he had Dark Magic. This triggers Charlotte as she transforms into The Queen of Briars, being able to use both Red and Blue Roses. Getting excited by the possibility of the greatest matchup, Vanica attacks Charlotte. But she is soon caught by the briars, which leads her to get captured altogether. Now Charlotte’s briars bind more tightly as strong the opponent’s power of the curse is. And she claims that not getting to fight her was Vanica’s punishment.

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Queen of Briars

Black Clover Chapter 278: Nacht in Action?

Charlotte makes use of the Mana Method to transform into Briar Queen.

When she was younger, Charlotte came to know that her Briars was cursed. So, during the training in the Heart Kingdom, she learned extensively regarding curses. She remembers Dorothy once telling her that all curses in the world come from Megicula. And Megicula is the father of all curses. Now facing the devil herself, Charlotte decides to make use of it. Making use of the Mana method, Charlotte modifies her briars to absorb the curses and bloom better to form an anti-curse spell. Her Briars have enhanced and bloom both, Red and Blue Roses. This form is called the Queen of Briars, which makes use of curses to enhance Charlotte’s abilities.

Black Clover Chapter 278 Release Date

The next chapter of Black Clover, i.e., 278, is scheduled to come out on 17th January 2021. The manga chapters for Black Clover come out every two weeks on Sundays. You can catch up on all the chapters by Black Clover on Viz and Manga Plus.


Chapters 276 was focused on Yuno and Langris as they confront Zenon. While Chapter 277 focused on the two Magic Knight Captains- Charlotte and Rill face Vanica. So, it is quite possible that Tabata will use the typical symmetric narrative to display the next matchup-Dante against Nacht and Jack the Ripper in chapter 278. We could finally get to see The Black Bulls Vice-Captain’s abilities in action and how he fares against one of the Dark Triad.

While it could also be possible that we will get to see more of Noelle and the gang back in Elysia. She has been missing in the past couple of chapters, and we only know that they were about to study the Ultimate Magic technique from the Elves.

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