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Top 6 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

Disturbing Movies

There are times when we enjoy watching a lot of violence on our screens. Whether it’s cartoonish or action-packed, on-screen violence can come in various forms. But what happens when there are times when violence can become too much graphic and extreme. Can we bear enough of it? There are some movies that explore a lot of graphic and disturbing themes on their list, which can become too much to watch, and it can end up in our brains forever to try and remove it. Here are some of the most disturbing movies that were ever made from around the world:

A Serbian Film

With its disturbing content, A Serbian Film put Serbia under scrutiny as the director Srđan Spasojević shows what’s it like living in a war-torn fascist society and shows its impacts. The director even crafted a plot that takes us into a deep dive into the graphic underworld. The movie focuses on retired porn star Milos, who is struggling to take care of his family. To earn some more money, he agrees to star in an arthouse porn film from a well-known director. But things go downhill when he is forced to do the most unthinkable things, and by “unthinkable,” we mean graphic taboos such as sexual violence, necrophilia, and incest. The whole movie completely depicts what pure evil is like.


This well-known film is directed by Takashi Miike, who has also directed disturbing hits such as Ichi the Killer and Visitor Q. It follows a widower who is advised by his son to move on after the loss of his wife. He takes help from his director friend and starts auditioning women who would be fit to be his wife until he comes across the beautiful Asami Yamazaki and starts eventually falling for her. But unfortunately, more than meets the eye as underneath the innocent exterior, Asami is a cold-blooded sociopath who puts Aoyama through many forms of violent and graphic torture methods.

Cannibal Holocaust

The mockumentary focuses on a group of filmmakers who go to interview a group of tribal people on an unknown island, but things go south when they end up being the victims of cannibals. This film was banned in almost every country due to its realistic graphic scenes, so much so that most of the actors were thought to be actually killed on camera, and the director was arrested by the FBI, and the whole movie was put into investigation.


Don’t let this title fool you into thinking that this is a light-hearted slice of life movie about finding happiness. It focuses on 3 sisters who try to navigate happiness and life through so many different means via relationships, love, career, etc. While the plot sounds simple enough, like every movie, it takes a very dark turn as it glorifies a lot of pedophilia through one of the sister’s husbands who keeps on molesting any child he comes across, and the worst part is that the audience had to sit through that.


Disturbing Movies

This movie, like it says in the title, takes place in reversed time, meaning it takes place from the end to the beginning. We see the events of the movie unfold one by one as it leads up to a long graphic rape scene featuring Monica Belluci and how her male friends vow to get revenge on her rapist, but ultimately they fail to. This film was released in 2002, and it is still one of the most disturbing movies ever made.

Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom

Disturbing Movies

The shocking part about this movie is that it is actually featured on the Criterion Collection, and you can actually buy it there. It features a bunch of teens kidnapped and put through a lot of torture and mutilated for 120 days. The film was so graphic that it was banned in almost every country, and it even depicts the dark side of humanity.

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