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10 Best Psychological Thrillers of All Time

Alfred Hitchcock once said about the thriller genre that it is a combination of suspense and surprise. He wasn’t the only one who has introduced us to the genre. Many directors, such as Martin Scorcese, Jordan Peele, and David Fincher, have given us many amazing movies. So here are the top best psychological thrillers of all time:

Black Swan

Nina is a dancer who wants to win a role in a new production of Swan Queen but has to face her competition Lily, who embodies the black swan. As she tries to fight for the role, Nina descends into a downward spiral of insanity and darkness.

Gone Girl

Nick and Amy seem to be a perfect couple on the surface, but things don’t seem to be the way they are between them. Then one day, Amy goes missing, and Nick and others try to find her. But there are so many twists and turns that it makes the audience question who really is the bad guy in this messy situation.

The Shining

Jack decides to reconnect with his family and start his life fresh by taking a job as a winter caretaker at a prestigious hotel. But things go south when the dangerous ghosts literally haunt him, and he begins to go down a very dark path of madness and mayhem.


Arthur Fleck is an aspiring comedian who just wants to spread positivity in the dark city of Gotham and be loved by everyone around him. But after going through so much hell, abuse, and ignorance by everyone around him, he evolves into a well-known villain known as The Joker.

Shutter Island

A detective comes to the titular island to search for a missing patient, but when he comes there, he gets haunted by his own past and discovers that his life isn’t what it seems to be on the surface as he unearths the truth about what really is happening.

American Psycho

Set in New York, The movie focuses on a man who is an investment banker by day and a psychopathic bloodthirsty serial killer by night. No one knows his real identity, and they get suspicious of him. Will they ever find out the dark truth? Is anything that he does is even real?

Get Out

Chris is a young photographer who goes to meet his girlfriend’s family. While he tries to get slowly acquainted with them, he discovers dark secrets about the family that could change everything in his life. As things go south, he discovers more secrets about the family especially his girlfriend.

The Silence of the Lambs

FBI Agent Clarice Starling goes to interrogate the famous serial killer Hannibal Lecter to catch another serial known as Buffalo Bill to save a young girl before it’s too late. And what will happen if Hannibal helps her out? Will he go back to his old patterns.


The movie focuses on Lila Crane, who tries to search for her missing sister, who stole money from the company she works in, and with the help of Marion’s lover, she comes across the infamous Bates Motel where she meets the meek Norman Bates.

Donnie Darko

Donnie is an awkward teenager who becomes friends with a bunny figure named Frank; Frank tells Donnie that the world is ending in 28 days and he must save it. Will he be succesful or will he go down the dark path?

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