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The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3 Preview & Recap

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3

The Bachelor is a reality TV series that aired on ABC. It is currently airing it’s 25 seasons featuring Matt James as the titular Bachelor. Katie is having a hard time being with other women despite the fact that she was a part of the sorority in her past. Chris stops by to ask the woman how the place is and congratulates Abigail on getting the first impression rose. He announces that there will be three dates: one group date and two face-to-face dates with Matt. However, not all women will be going for the date. Bri is chosen to go on a first date with Matt as their conversation the night before went very well. Here is the rest that happened in the previous episode and the release date for The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3.

What happened in Episode 2?

Victoria, however, lashes out and claims that she is not jealous, but she wanted to have that date. Jessenia feels that if Victoria keeps on being like this, she will be ostracized from the group.

Hours after an exhausting ride, Matt and Bri arrive at a picnic and a woodfire hot tub to get some rest. Matt takes off his shirt, and Bri comments on his physique. Matt says that he looks forward to spending more time with her, and Bri responds that she feels comfortable around him, and they both share a kiss. He says that he feels lucky as he is on a journey to find out what has been missing from his life. Victoria isn’t getting together with any of the women due to her powerful personality. Anna thought that it was an act, but it is actually all real.

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Back at the dinner, the conversation continues between Matt and Bri. Bri talks about her family life, where she mentions that she has a single mom. She mentions how her mother had her when she was 13, and during quarantine, she got to know from her mom that she is pregnant and she has a fiance, and now she feels like she doesn’t have anyone. She is close to her dad, though. But he was absent for most of her life when she needed him the most.

Matt really had fun on his date with Bri and tells her that he wants to spend more time with her and gives her a rose. However, Victoria starts the drama again, and Marylynn doesn’t want any part of it. Victoria calls herself a queen and says that she can’t wait for Matt to see that in her.

Later, the ladies dress up in wedding dresses. Matt has to find a woman who will fight harder for his love. The valuable bride award goes to Marie, and she joins the red team for her amazing effort. The losing women are left broken as they worked hard to win this game, but they couldn’t, and they begin to feel down over it.

Matt spends time with the winning women and thanks them for their effort and gives a toast to them. Lauren is happy to be on the winning team though she didn’t spend any time with Matt last night.

Victoria tries to reassure Matt that despite her nature, she is not insecure and that she is a fine person. At the end of the episode, Matt tells the women about the fact that it’s just been a week of competition. Victoria wants Marylynn to go home because she hates her, and she is the queen. As the roses are given to the women, suddenly, Abigail faints, and the medics are called.

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 will release on January 18th, 2021, and will see the contestants competing for Matt’s love and the dates that they will have with him. All the previous episodes are now on air on the ABC streaming platform.

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