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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1: Preview & Recap

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1

Nancy Drew is a mystery drama series that is based on the novel series of the same name. The series was adapted on the CW in 2019. Nancy is being interrogated about the murder of someone close to her. Lisbeth gently asks her what happened to Owen, but Nancy is too shocked to help. Bess’s family wants to plan a funeral service for Owen while Nick tries to calm George down when she has an anxiety attack. Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1 is releasing with the premiere this month, so here is what you need to know before watching it!

What happened in the Season 1 finale?

Nancy and her friends are at her house discussing solving Owen’s murder. They think it’s possible that Aglaeca might’ve come for Owen and that she will come for them next. They decide to contact Owen from the afterlife to find out what caused his death, meaning that this could be the way to break the curse of Aglaeca. They set up another seance until Ryan arrives. He wants to talk to Nancy, but she shuts him down before he could say anything else. She blames him for ruining other women’s lives, but George takes offense as her life wasn’t ruined. Nancy tries to apologize, but Ryan leaves, and now she pushes Nick away as well.

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The group starts the seance for Owen. They don’t reach Owen, but they do reach Aglaeca, who screams at them and disappears. It seems like she doesn’t want them to talk to Owen. They go to learn more about Aglaeca and her origins. They go to a mansion to meet with Bess’s family, who seem to be really eccentric. Bess talks to her aunt, who asks her to use her relationship with Lisbeth to find out who killed Owen. Bess is really conflicted about her relationship with her family and girlfriend.

Nancy and Ace talk to Hannah about Aglaeca. She tells them that the spirit is usually rare, hardly ever appearing in front of people. When Nancy tells her that they successfully contacted her, Hannah is shocked, and she says that she is not some easy ghost, she is like a white whale. Lisbeth later arrives at the mansion to get DNA samples from the Marvins for the case, and Bess has to step in to smooth things over between Lisbeth and her family. Nick wants to talk to George about the tensions in their relationship, but she isn’t ready.

Nancy and Ace then go to Owen’s apartment to do more research, and Nancy finds that Owen had a ghost catcher, which made her even sad. Lisbeth and the rest of the cops arrive, and Nancy demands answers from her about the evidence she collected from the Marvins, but Lisbeth tells her that she isn’t part of the case, but Nancy argues that the case is what is putting them together right now.

Ryan and George later meet, and it is revealed that they are having an affair. George wants to end it once and for all as she doesn’t feel good about being the other woman at the age of 17. Nancy and the crew continue to investigate where they later come across a painting that resembles Aglaeca. At the end of the episode, each of the members of the Drew Crew ends up having a vision about how they are going to die at the hands of the curse.

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When will season 2 release?

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1 will release on January 20th and will focus on the group continuing to investigate Owen’s death and find out more about the Aglaeca curse. The Episode is titled “The Search for the Midnight Wraith”. The new episodes of the show will be available to watch on EW’s streaming platform.

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