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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68: The Threat of 73!

Even after 36 years from its debut, Dragon Ball Franchise still has a huge fanbase. The greatest example is the wider acceptance of the show’s Dragon Ball super is the latest addition, and Dragon Ball fans have widely accepted it. After reading Chapter 67, all readers want to know when the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 be releasing.

Well, grab your drinks, because today we will discuss everything about Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode along with the small preview of the next chapter. We will get all pumped for the next chapter and give you all of the information about the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super’s release.

Dragon Ball Super

By the end of chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super, readers were introduced to the main player of this arc -The introduction of Granola. Likely, the mysterious warrior has somehow managed to track down Seven-Three. Judging by the last chapter, the android has some powers which he wants. Granola doesn’t seem like an ordinary fighter, which we will know more about him in the next chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Preview

Keep in mind that this preview may contain spoilers for the show. The chapter of Dragon Ball Super is titled ‘Granola The Survivor.’ The preview opens with spaceships from Freeza’s army. The spaceships are floating around a destroyed city. Suddenly Granola wakes up as if he saw his childhood scene in a nightmare.

Seeing this, Oatmil tries to comfort Granola, saying that they had got the OG73-i and destroyed Goichi’s ship. This wasn’t enough for Granola to go back to sleep, and he refuses to Oatmil when he asked him to go to sleep. Concerned by this, Oatmil continues to comfort Granola by asking him to forget about Freeza’s army.

Granola reveals that he saw Saiyans in among the Freeza’s army, the Cerealians (monkeys). In the next scene, viewers are taken to the Beerus planet. Here we could see that Goku is trying to catch the oracle fish. But the Oracle fish was having trouble sleeping. This, according to Whis, is to be considered as a Bad Omen.

Dragon Ball Super

We can expect that it was a sign that Granola will have more interference into the storyline. In fact, chapter 68 marks the beginning of a new arc to Dragon Ball Super Manga’s storyline. This chapter’s biggest specialty is that the fans will get the chance to learn a lot about Granolah’s past. Readers will also be taken through its intertwined path with Planet Vegeta.

When going past Granola, from the teaser for Dragon Ball Super chapter 68, we could also see that Whis and the Oracle Fish will have a pretty good part in this arc. As expected, Goku and Vegeta are longing to fine-tune their spirit control. We can expect that Whis will help them to do that.

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Release Date of Chapter 68

The official sources confirm that Dragon Ball Super chapter 68 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021. at midnight JST. As always, we suggest you take these leaked spoilers with a pinch of salt. Also, always read chapters through official sources only.

As you know, it will keep supporting the artists. What are your expectations regarding the new chapter? Will Goku and his team be able to handle Granola? It will also be interesting to know more about Granola and how much power he has when pitted against Goku. Do let us know your thoughts.

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