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The Expanse Season 5 Episode 8: Preview & Recap

The Expanse Season 5 Episode 8

The Expanse is a Sci-Fi drama series that first aired on the Syfy channel but is now airing on Amazon Prime Video. It focuses on a group of travelers who are at the center of a conspiracy of the Solar System. The previous episode gave its main focus on one of the main crew members Naomi and her life and her relationship with her son. It gave us a focus on what her life was like and what she stands for. Now, in The Expanse Season 5 Episode 8, here is what you should expect!

What happened in Episode 7?

The episode begins with a flashback to Naomi’s past life with her family. She is then released from prison but is told that if she acts out again, she will be put out of an airlock. Marco manipulates her into thinking that Filip will never love her and makes her out to be a villain for abandoning them and the Belter cause. However, Naomi doesn’t take in any of the abuse from Marco. Naomi opens up to Filip about a terrorist attack that she caused and how she almost threw herself out of an airlock out of despair. She found out how evil Marco’s plan was, and she tried to back out of it.

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She even becomes close with Cyn, who is one of the only members of Marco’s crew who is sympathetic to Naomi. He mentions that he knows what happened and what Naomi was trying to do that day. He felt guilty for what he did to Naomi, especially when he tried to hide Filip from Naomi when she left. He wants to make it right.

Cyn even asks Marco to let go of Naomi as she isn’t a harm to their plans anymore, but Marco sees that Naomi had an effect on him, and he doesn’t take it well. When Filip asks for taking back the command of the ship, Marco throws his failure on his face and orders his crew to chant Filip’s name so that he could come back into the fold. These scenes show how much of a master manipulator Marco is and how evil he could be.

Naomi gets summoned to the bridge, and Marco wants to rig the Chtezemoka with explosives and lure the Roctaine into rescuing Naomi and then blowing it up. Naomi turns to Filip, but now he is back on Marco’s side and betrays his mother. Naomi finds herself in a hard place again, with her old family kicking her out and her new family in danger. The only place that she could go to now is the airlock.

The episode ends with her somberly walking towards the airlock. Cyn sees this and rushes to stop her from committing suicide. As he draws his final breaths, we see Naomi floating towards the Chtezemoka airlock, and it ends there.

When will The Expanse Season 5 Episode 8 release?

Episode 8 will release on January 20th, 2021, and will see whether or not Naomi has made it out alive, what is Marco’s next evil plan, and what will happen to the crew. All the episodes are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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