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One Piece Chapter 1002: Kaido is Too Strong?

The battle between “The Worst Generation vs. Two Emperors- Kaido and Big Mom” seems like it is not ending anytime soon. In fact, the manga is getting interesting after each chapter. Since the last chapter of One Piece marks the beginning of the battle, the Fans are eager to know more about One Piece Chapter 1002. we will share all the details we know with you here.

One Piece Chapter 1002: Speculations

The last chapter was quite an engaging one. We saw Luffy Transforming into Gear 4, Law using Room, Kid using Punk Rotten, and Zoro using his Flames on his sword. And When looking at the other side, Kaido transformed into his Dragon Form. Along with that, Big Mom used Prometheus. This all has made the Fans pretty excited for the next chapter as they are excited to know how the creator will take the storyline.

We still don’t know much about what will be happening in the next chapter. But don’t worry, we got you covered. We have got all the speculations related to the next chapter of One piece. Do note that this may contain some spoilers for the next chapter also. Since that being said, let’s move on to all the speculations about chapter 1002.

The challenge Sanji needs to face is to find ways to get out from Black Maria’s spider-web. As Sanji doesn’t hit women, he needs someone to save him. After escaping from the spider web, Sanji will need to help Luffy fight against Kaido and Big Mom. But as said, Sanji can only help after he could escape from the web of Black Maria.

Since Sanji always has some tricks up his sleeve, it will be interesting to see what trick he will pull out to get out of Black Maria’s trap. There is also a chance that Nami or Robin could save Sanji from Black Maria. All will be answered in the next chapter.

There is a high chance that the next chapter of One Piece continues to be the Supernovas vs. Yonkos fight. There are also high chances that the focus may shift from this, and we may be introduced to a different storyline. Anyway, it is very sure that it makes no sense to have a complete two chapters in a row to focus only on a single fight, as it will not be that much interesting to stretch a single fight this long. But also, this is one of the most epic battles to take place in this manga story.

We only know the answers once the next chapter comes. And it’s time for us to discuss when the next chapter of One Piece will be releasing.

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When is Chapter 1002 coming?

Unfortunately for the fans, the manga is not coming ‘soon’ because the creator has taken a week break. Actually, it is not the first time this popular manga has been going on one-week breaks. From the first year, this manga was published in 1997. It has been taking week breaks when needed. However, this interval became more common when COVID-19 spread in Japan.

To slow down the increasing numbers of infected individuals, the Japanese government implemented strict quarantine protocols. This gradually impacted several business sectors, and eventually the manga and anime industries. Eiichiro Oda, the manga creator of One Piece, admitted that he’s frustrated with the current situations. But he promised to continue producing new chapters during pandemic times.

One Piece Chapter 1002

It has been officially confirmed that the One Piece Chapter 1002 Release Date will be on January 31st, 2021, according to the official sources. What are all your thoughts regarding the new chapter? Let’s hope that the creators will give us more chapters that were worth the wait.

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