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Boruto Episode 184: All You Need To Know

Boruto Episode 184

As we all know, the anime series Boruto: Naruto’s next generation is based upon the story of Boruto. As from the title itself, we know that this anime series is the continuation of the Naruto Franchise. For those who still know, Boruto is the son of Naruto. Eventually, every Naruto fan gave their love for Boruto as same as they gave for Naruto. Today, we will discuss the upcoming Boruto Episode 184.

Like many anime series, Boruto is also originated from the manga of the same name. The Boruto manga is written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, along with Mikio Ikemoto’s illustrations.  Even though the beginning of the Boruto franchise was a bumpy one. According to many fans, this series hasn’t been able to live up to their expectations.

Boruto Episode 184

But, all this hate has been changing recently as many have started to like this show. Many describe it as we can’t criticize the show since we are only on the tip of the iceberg, hoping that it will eventually become better.

Boruto Episode 183 Recap

In episode 183, Mado meets Code and Delta since he wants to conduct a few tests. At the same time, Amado informs Code and Delta about the death of Victor’s. Team 7 successfully escorted Katasuke to the scientific ninja tools research facility without getting into any issues. Boruto realizes after getting there that they have to do one more task. However, he has limitations in using state-of-the-art devices during his missions. he can’t even help the scientists with the research.

Spending some more time in the facility makes Boruto realize how vital are these tools. Team 7 learn that most of the facility is is known to conduct some pathbreaking Scientific Ninja Tools experiments. Boruto was especially influenced when he sees a ninja dog with a prosthetic leg.

Even though Boruto wanted to spend some more time in the facility, they were called by Naruto calls to inform Team 7 about their new mission. Naruto cancels the current mission and asks Team 7 to join a new mission. Meanwhile, Hidden Leaf was unable to contact Konohamaru and Mugino.

All we know about Boruto Episode 184

On the next episode of Boruto, Episode 184, is titled “Puppets.” And the official trailer for “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 184 is out. From the trailer, it’s known that in the next episode, Boruto and his friends will look for the big brother, Konohamaru. From the trailer, many also spotted several fallen objects scattered across the crash site.

Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki face the Puppet Jutsu user’s Puppets. Looking at the situation, Boruto suspects if the enemies have put down Konohamaru. We also get to see from the trailer that Team 7 was surrounded by the Puppets. This all hints that team 7 will try to find the Puppet user in the next episode, which may be why the puppets faced them.

It is still not clear if Katasuke will accompany Team 7 for this new mission. The trailer concludes with the Code attacking Jigen. Jigen counters the attack with a slam. We still doubt that Code could be the traitor when looking at the last episode’s final scene.

When and where to watch Boruto Episode 184?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 184 is confirmed to be released on 31 January 2021, at 5:30 PM JST. To keep track of the upcoming episodes, we suggest you look for them every Sunday as We will see the release of a new episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generation. We will tell you where to watch the latest episode of Boruto.

Those who want to watch all episodes of Boruto have the option to watch on different platforms. ‘Boruto’ is available on Hulu both with English and Japanese audio along with both Japanese and English subtitles. On Crunchyroll, ‘Boruto’ can be watched in English, Portuguese, and Italian audio. Crunchyroll is available across many Asian nations.

For those who are residing in Australia or New Zealand, they can stream onAnimeLab.Boruto: Naruto, next-generation with French audio, is available on Anime Digital Network. In China, viewers can stream Boruto on Youku Tudou streams. ‘Boruto’ is also available on Netflix Japan.

What are your thoughts regarding the newest episode in Boruto? What will happen to Team 7? We expect to see some pretty intense compact scenes as Team 7 comes closer to the Puppet user. Do share your thoughts.

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