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Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Steven Grant’s Starting Point In Superhero Journey

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review
Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Moon Knight is the Latest MCU TV Series to grace Disney+. Based on the Comic Book of the same name, The show follows the life of Marc Spector / Stephen Grant. AKA Moon Kight. Marc suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. And Stephen Grant is a result of his condition. In comparison to Marc, Stephen is his complete opposite. Marc is a mercenary by trade, whereas Stephen is a Museum Gift Shop worker. He lives his days listening to his overbearing boss, working a dead-end job. Completely oblivious of the fact that there is a whole different personality inside him. The Story progresses as his personalities begin to overlap, wrecking havoc in both their lives. The show has a darker undertone than MCU’s usual movies and series. It is refreshing to see a superhero who has to fight his personal demons and actual demons.

The antagonist of the show is Cult Leader Arthur Harrow. He is a follower of the Egyptian God Ammit. And is working towards her release. Ammit wants to cleanse this world by punishing the wicked. And Arthur wants to help the diety do it. But the criteria on which people are judged are not ideal. Ammit takes into account the person’s past and future. As in if the person is destined to do a crime in the future. That person is fair game in the eyes of Ammit. Due to her twisted view on things, she was imprisoned by her fellow gods and even her own avatar. Marc and his alter ego are fighting against Arthur and his cultists. Before we get to Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review, here is a recap on what all happened in E01.

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Moon Knight Episode 1 Recap

The Pilot episode showcased the peculiar life of Steven Grant. The episode began with grant getting up for work. It’s worth mentioning that he sleeps cuffing himself to his bed. He goes to work like it’s a normal everyday thing. After another day at his dead-end job, he returns back to his apartment. Cuffs himself to his bed, but he tries to stay awake. Only to suddenly wake up in some town with people shooting at him. Furthermore, It is here we are introduced to  Khonsu, the Egyptian Moon God. He manifests as a voice inside his head warning him to run. Grand escapes certain death only to fall right into the lap of people who tried to kill him earlier. We see Grant slipping in and out of consciousness every time his life is in danger. When he comes to, the threat is eliminated.

Moon God Khonshu

The Egyptian Moon God Khonshu

After an intense chase, Grant falls out of consciousness one more time. Only to wake up back in his bed. As if all of it was a dream. Grant rushes out of his apartment as he realizes he is late for his date with his coworker. While waiting for her at the Stake House, he gives her a call. However, He is shocked to learn that the date had already happened, and he stood her up. The reality comes crashing down as he realizes that his dream wasn’t a dream. He comes back to his apartment and has a nervous breakdown. However, he finds a phone hidden in his walls. It is revealed that the phone belongs to Marc. Just then, Marc starts talking to Grant, freaking him out. Furthermore, he is haunted by visions of Khonsu. He tries to escape them by going to work.

The Ending

It is apparent that going to work was a mistake as Grant runs into Arthur at the Musem. And gets surrounded by his followers. Harrow tries to use the Staff of Ammit to pass judgment on Grant. But it fails. Harrow is left baffled at this and lets Grant escape. Thinking the danger has passed, Grant goes back to work. As the museum began closing for the day, Grant starts to leave. He is distracted by the voice of an animal. He goes to investigate and soon finds the “Animal”. It was one of Ammit’s creatures under Arthur’s control. They have come to kill Grant and Retrieve the Scarb. Grant narrowly escapes certain death and locks himself inside the bathroom. There he is confronted by Marc, who pleads with him to surrender his control. Adding how he was the skills to get out of this situation alive.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Moon Knight Suit E01

Grant starts questioning his own sanity. But gets reassured by Marc that he is as real as the demon dogs outside his door. With hesitation, Grant decides to let Marc Take over. Then we see Marc starting to get enveloped by the Moon Knight Suit. One of the Creatures breaks down the door and jumps on Marc Mid Transformation. The scene then cuts to the beast trying to escape, only to get pulled back in by a mysterious force. Then we see a fully transformed Marc punching the beast till it stops moving. After which, he stands up and makes his way to the rest of them. The cultists will soon realize that he is not locked in there with them. But they are locked in there with him.

Meet The Cast of Moon Knight

We have American Actor and AACTA Award Winner Oscar Isaac in the lead role as Moon Knight, Marc Spector/Stephen Grant. Up next, we have the Series Antagonist and Cult Leader, Arthur Harrow, played by American Actor, Novelist, Director, and Screenwriter Ethan Hawke. Then we have Egyptian-Palestinian Actress May Calamawy as Layla-Faouly, a person from Marc Spector’s past. Up next, we have Oscar-winning American Actor F. Murray Abraham as the Voice of The Egyptian Moon God, KhonshuAnd Finally, we have French Actor Gaspard Ulliel as Midnight Man, Anton Mogar. In the Comics, Midnight Man is an Art Thief. As his name suggests, his signature is that he always pulls off his job at Midnight.

However, It is not yet known what all changes were made to the character to adapt him to the show. Furthermore, It is with the heaviest of hearts we inform you that Gaspard left this world after suffering from a Fatal Accident while in the French Alps. May God have mercy on his Soul. Having an excellent set of cast members is one of the most crucial parts of any entertainment content, Be it a movie or a TV Series. It is evident that the show has a cast of excellent actors and actresses. Everyone will agree that Marvel has cast the best-ever actors and actresses for Moon Knight, and it will surely work out great for the show.

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review was very well, which was expected. Making a show with a hero who suffers from mental illness is a very bold move. Oscar Issac has portrayed this role beautifully. Marvel could not have cast a better person for the job. Furthermore, Episode one has an IMDB rating of 8.2/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes Rating of 94%. The aim of every season pilot is to pull the views in. Make them want to see the next episode. It is safe to say that Moon Knight was successful in achieving that. Even though the premise is dark, Marvel has managed to put in slight comedic scenes to alleviate the very obvious tension. Overall, Marvel has done it again. They have successfully adapted another comic book hero onto our screens. With 5 more episodes to go, the show will surely become fan favorites in no time.

When and Where To Watch the Show

Moon Knight was announced back in August of 2019 and Premiered on the 30th of March 2022. New episodes are released on Wednesdays of Every week. Furthermore, The Show will have a total of 6 episodes of 60 minutes each. And has an IMDB rating of 7.5/10. As far as we know, the only platform where one can stream Moon Knight is Disney+Moon Knight is MCU’s First-Ever Official Anti-Hero. He will play a crucial role in MCU’s future projects. This includes Blade, Deadpool, etc, who are also Anti-Heros. Hopefully, they will be the stepping stones to us finally getting to see The Dark Avengers. Furthermore, only one episode has been released to date. The 2nd episode is set to come out on the 6th of April 2022. Make sure your subscriptions are in order so that you won’t miss them.

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