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Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 183: Artificial Diamonds For Batteries?

Dr. Stone Manga chapter 183

With chapter 182 coming to an end, it’s time to look at what all are in for the next episode of Dr. Stone Manga, Chapter 183. Today we will be looking at everything we know about the upcoming chapter of this fan-favorite sci-fi adventure Manga series. Do keep in mind that this article may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the previous episodes of Dr. Stone. This Manga series has been written by Inagaki Riichiro and illustrated by Boichi. The story is set in an imaginative world, where one day, all of humanity was petrified by a green flash of light. After several decades, high schooler Taiju wakes up from the petrified state to see a world of statues.

Dr. Stone Manga chapter 183

Taiju discovered that he was not alone, as his friend Senku’s been up for quite some time. Senku is planning to revive the civilization with the power of science! But they do have many challenges waiting for them.

Previously On Dr. StoneThe chapter starts with

The last chapter started with Ukyo, Kohaku, and Chrome working on their new ship made out of the Medusas. Senk was happy that they enough Medusas to experiment with. He is also happy that they know how to re-activate them. He is planning to use them against Stanley’s gang. Ryusui’s excitement went sky high when he realized that victory is near them.

Dr. Xeno reveals that he is not interested in sharing his findings once they start to analyze the Medusa. But when looking at the Medusas, Xeno and Senku realized that every Medusa’s diamond had been blackened. This means that they won’t be able to analyze the crystal structure because of this. After observing every one of the medusa’s, Xeno says that the patterns are all different. It shows that there may be some damage happened to them.

Kohaku then finds a device with an unblackened diamond and tries to activate it, but ends up in nothing. Ukyo thinks that it behaved like that because of some defects. On examining the medusa’s more closer, Xeno notices some cracks around the cleavage plains. Ryusui said that all other non-blackened ones have some defects: either being too small, chipped, or even cracked.

This prevents them from activating it. Chrome and Senku decided to make a diamond with no defects so that it could power a Medusa. Relaying to Morse code’s instructions, Senku instructs the others in Corn City to create a diamond. Nikki Yo, Minami, Kinro, Yuzuriha were called. Yo was surprised to hear that it was possible to make the diamond.

Dr. Stone Manga chapter 183

Senku tells them that it is not only a pro’s job to science. In fact, everyone can do it. Senku tells them that the only thing they need is methanol, and Nikki already retrieved them from Xeno’s chamber.

They all planned on how to make the diamonds. When Yuzuriha twisted the filament into a coil and placed it inside the methanol to heat up, it was a failure as it exploded.

The team was tired to look into all the issues And to solve them. Yuzuriha and Nikki realize that excess air was the reason for the explosion. They tried the experiment again in a vacuum. This time the coil breaks. After every attempt, they were finally successful in making a diamond.

Preview and speculations on next chapter of Dr. Stone

In the next chapter of Dr. Stone, chapter 183, we will be able to find out if the artificially made diamonds are actually good enough to power the medusa devices up or not. If everything goes right, the team needs to find efficient ways to make more artificial diamonds as they are required to be used in many devices. With the current method, it is not efficient enough to make diamonds artificially.

When is Episode 183 releasing?

Since Chapter 183 of the Dr.Stone manga is not on any break for this week, we can expect the release will happen on Sunday, January 31, 2021. However, the title of the chapter title has not been leaked yet. On every Sunday’s a new chapter of Dr. Stone is released. Sometimes the release does shift to other days for some reasons, but we will always report it whenever something happens.

What do you think about the upcoming release of Dr. Stone chapter 183? We are really excited to see if the artificially made diamonds will actually work. If it does, how effective will it be when compared to the real diamonds? Well, all of those questions will be answered on the upcoming Sunday. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us here.

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