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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4: A Full Assault?

After Episode 3, it’s time for Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4. The latest episode will carry forward the storyline from where it stopped in the last episode, continuing the Stone Wars Arc. For all the fans of this sci-fi anime, who can’t wait to know more about the upcoming episode, we got you covered. The Season 2 of Dr. Stone is mainly set on the all-out war between the two sides: One side is the Kingdom of Science, lead by Senku, and contrary to the kingdom of science is the Empire of Might. Tsukasa leads this.

Today in this article, we will be looking at everything we know about the upcoming episode of Dr. Stone anime. Before we look into every detail we know about Dr.Stone Season 2 Episode 4, keep in mind that this article may contain spoilers. So be sure to keep that in mind. Now that’s said, let’s move into the article.

Rumours And Speculations on Episode 4

By looking at the last episode, it left us with many hints on what to expect in the next episode of Dr. Stone Season two. In the last episode, we saw that Senku successfully managed to establish wireless communication. Thus he was able to make a working cellphone. Taiju was so happy to see this, as he will be able to talk with Senku again.

Senku tells Taiju his plan to make one of Tsukasa’s army members join on their side. While this was happening, Gen, Magma, and Chrome are attacked by Ukyo by remaining undercover. Gen escaped from this attack because of his amazing tricks. Gen thus was successful in reaching Senku without any harm.

Taiju and Yuzuriha pull their string to make Nikki join on their side. For this, they make Gen dress up as the famous American Singer Lillian Weinberg. With this, they were planning to convince Nikki over the call and to join them. They know that Nikki was a die heart fan of Lilliam. By using this, they were planing to make Nikki join them.

After several attempts, Senku and his friends were successful in convincing Nikki to join their faction. This was made possible by a promise made to protect Lillian’s last song. When looking at Nikki, the first impression doesn’t seem positive at all as she doesn’t seem like a serious, honest, and worthy addition to the Kingdom of Science lead by Senku.

But there could also be a chance that Nikki could be an actual spy from Tsukasa. If yes, then Tsukasa can use Nikki to know everything about Senku, his friends, and their Kindom. She also could actually be really trustworthy. We still don’t know much about her. But we do, in the upcoming episode of Dr. Stone Season two.

Now that Gen has gone, Chrome and Magma are now all alone to face off against Ukyo. Ukyo does have some very ardent in his archery skills. Both Chrome and Magma do need to have something under their sleeves to withstand against Ukyo. Will they be captured. If that happens then, that could be a pretty big headache for Senku and his team.

When is Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 Airing?

The next episode of Dr. Stone Season 2, Episode 4, is titled “Full Assault.” Since we have revealed to you everything we know about the upcoming episode, it will be exciting to see as Senku has discovered new ways of communication by rediscovering how to make cellphones work. This will reflect in their upcoming missions by a huge margin.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4

It is officially confirmed that Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Episode 4 is set to release on Thursday, 4th of February at 10:30 PM JST. Keep in mind that this release time is based on Japanese Standard Time, and the release time will change according to the change in regions. Every Thursday, a new episode of Dr stone is released if there isn’t any change of plans. Viewers can watch the latest episodes of Dr. Stone Season 2 and all previous episodes from Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, and Netflix Japan.

What are all your thoughts regarding the upcoming episode of Dr. Stone Season two, Episode four? Will the discovery of communication with technology help Senku and his friends fight against the challenges waiting for them? Do share your thoughts.

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