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RWBY Season 8 Episode 9: It Gets Darker?

With all of the events in the last episode, It is time to look at RWBY Season 8 Episode 9. here, we will share with you every detail, such as the release date and what to expect in the latest episode of RWBY. Do note that this article will contain spoilers, and if you haven’t watched the episodes till now, it might affect your excitement for the latest episode.

What is RWBY about?

RWBY, pronounced as Ruby, is an American animated series with a style of anime. Created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth, the story of RWBY is set in the fictional world of Remnant. In this world, young people are trained to become warriors, called “Huntsmen” and “Huntresses.” They are creating this army of warriors to protect their world from monsters called Grimm.

Suppose you are wondering how did the name RWBY is derived. RWBY is formed by the main four characters’ first letters of their names: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. The name is also named after the theme colors; Red, White, Black, and Yellow. And their combined team name: Team RWBY. The first episode of this series was released in July 2013.

The episodes were a massive hit, and following the first Volume’s success, Season 2, also known as Volume 2, was released in July 2014.  Unfortunately, show creator Monty Oum died in 2015. this was during the production of the third season. Thus there was a delay in the production. Even after the creator’s death, the crew members confirmed they would continue the series. Thus Volume 3 was released in 2015.

RWBY Season 8 Episode 9

The first two seasons were released to Netflix and Crunchyroll. From the third season to the current one has been published on simulcasts. By the time of the Fourth Season released in October 2016, the series was made available in Japanese dubbed version and was broadcasted in Japan through Tokyo MX with Warner Bros, Japan.

If you don’t know, Rooster Teeth also released a video game called RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. And fans can also enjoy a spin-off series called RWBY Chibi in 2016. The show is currently running on Season eight. Rooster Teeth has also announced a Season nine, so fans need not worry if their favorite show will be stopped anytime soon.

Previously On RWBY

In the last episode, we saw Salem and his forces attempt to break into Ironwoods’ defenses. Yang, Jaune, and Ren continued their charge upon the battlefield. They did this because of in the hopes of reaching Oscar on time. Winter and Ace-Ops used their aircraft to circle the Monstra. They were trying to find an opening.

Unfortunately, Winter and Ace-Op’s plan to find the opening was intercepted by flying Grimm. Flying Grimm was successful in making their aircraft to do a crash land. He used the group to carry bombs to the Monstra. While all this was happening, back at Schnee Manor, Penny’s attempts to recover were all in vain. Without proper electricity, there isn’t much to do.

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The hopes go up when Willow comes and informs the group about the generator located near the Wine Cellar. Salem sees the group which is carrying and bringing the bomb, Back on the battlefield. Worried, Salem realizes that they have to act fast, and they couldn’t find answers to many of their questions. Salem begins to give instructions to The Hound and asks him to fetch Oscar.

What To Expect on RWBY Season 8 Episode 9

In the Last episode, Cinder accidentally freed Qrow and Robyn when her jailbreak for Watts. This means we will be able to see those two more in the next episodes. And since Nora is finally awake, it’s pretty sure that we will see more of her. Whitley’s plan to evacuate the Mantle citizens with the help of  SDC’s resources was effective. Its impact will be reflected in the next episode or the episodes to come.

We also saw some meaningful Ruby/Blake interaction. Let’s hope that we will see more of their together moments. Since Season 8 was kind enough for them, we can expect more of their sweet screentime. The last episode also proved that the Hound is still carrying the Grimm, thus continuing his destructions activities by stomping Blake and Ruby without any issues until he was revealed who he was actually. Then there was the end of a great villain in the series.

RWBY Season 8 Episode 9

Surely, His Cruelty will not be stopped anytime soon, and thus there need to be some serious measures to take him down. Maybe we could see how is that possible in the next episode? All of Nora and Penny’s moment was perfect enough to make the audience excited, and this will be carried forward in the next episode for sure.

The Upcoming Episode is Officially expected to release on 13th February. What are all your thoughts regarding episode 9 of RWBY Season 8? Do Let us know. We will soon Comeback with more RWBY updates.

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