Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserves Their Own Film

Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserves Their Own Film

Over the years we’ve seen a dynamic expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. From Iron Man (2008) to Moon Knight(2022), we’ve been introduced to a number of Marvel characters so far. From a literal celestial entity saving the Earth with a dance-off to a loveable trash panda bargaining for a weaponized arm while the fate of Earth was at stake, MCU basically has all the bases covered. With the overwhelming amount of characters within the MCU, there’s always the chance of someone not getting enough or any screen time altogether. Moon Knight’s introduction into the MCU is a rather promising event as we might see more of such insanely badass characters. So we created our list of Top 10 Marvel characters who deserve their own film.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot more to come and as fans, we’re all in for it. MCU has a vastly spread multiverse with a number of captivating and unbelievable characters with otherworldly abilities and on-screen currently we only have a handful of them

Top 10 Marvel characters who deserve their own film

Comic giant Marvel is a fan favorite when it comes to superhero content. It’s quite a daunting task to create shows around such a large number of fictional characters. Fans around the world speculate on which superhero will be introduced next as they want to see their favorites on screen. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of characters not only from preceding movies but comics and animated series as well. These are the characters that we believe are interesting and popular enough among fans to get their own movie. Following is the list of our Top 10 Marvel characters that deserve their own film :

10. Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a menacing powerful superhero who was original to be introduced as a villain but things turned around for the best. He belongs to a planet called Korbin where after being subjected to scientific experiments he was turned into a freakish strong half cyborg. His abilities include superhuman strength, speed, and vitality. He later became the leader of surviving Korbinites who were escaping the wrath of Surtur who consumed Korbin. He was later intercepted by Thor while entering the Milky Way. The duo exchanged blows and Beta Ray Bill defeated Thor while taking over Mjolnir as Thor got separated from it. The hammer deemed Bill worthy and granted him the powers of The Thunder God. Beta Ray Bill later goes on to wield Stormbreaker and becomes a sworn ally of Thor and Asgard.

Initially, Kevin Fiege wanted to introduce Bill in Thor: Ragnarok but since that’d been a supporting role that didn’t justify the potential of a very fierce and lawful Bill he decided not to. It’s rumored that Beta Ray Bill will be introduced in Thor: Love and Thunder in a much more capacity. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get an origins movie sometime in the near future as there’s a massive following of the character and that’s why this character deserves to be in the list of Top 10 Marvel characters that deserve their own film.

Beta Ray Bill as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

9. Gamora

Gamora was first introduced to MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. I(2014) where she groups with Star-Lord and others to form the superhero team of the same name. Also known as World’s Most Dangerous Woman, Gamora is adopted by Thanos as the madman kills half of her species. Later she was trained by Thanos to become a stone-cold assassin as expected from one of the Black Order. Seeking vengeance against Thanos was the main reason why Gamora teamed with Star-Lord, but unfortunately, she was reduced to being an unfulfilled love affair and an estranged daughter tied up with family conflict. The ferocity and ruthlessness for which she’s known among the comic fans were nowhere to be seen. She’d make for a very good protagonist if there’s ever a Gamora origins movie, which would be a great thing for comic fans as well as social movements like inclusivity.

Gamora as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

8. The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic fours are one of the most popular superhero teams of Marvel Comics and iconic as well. Fantastic four are one of the most successful franchises for the comic giant Marvel and a fan staple. The team consists of Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, and Invisible Woman. There have already been 4 live-action movies of the franchise but none come even near to capturing the essence and glory of how revolutionary they’ve been for us geeks around the world. The fact that movies could not live up to the hype of their comic presence is all the more reason that we need a new Fantastic Four Movie and as rumors suggest there’s going to be one around 2023-24. Here’s to wishing that Marvel does a good job this time around.

Fantastic Four as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

7. Dr. Doom

Doctor Victor Von Doom or more popularly Dr. Doom is the archenemy of the Fantastic Four and undoubtedly one of the best classical villains. An evil genius who is way too overpowered with powers like electricity control, blizzard creation, and energy manipulation and can also summon demons via dark magic. He’s one of the most powerful super-villain in the entire Marvel multiverse. A few years ago Fox did plan a Doom movie but with the Disney acquisition, the movie was scrapped. Hopefully, with a future Fantastic Four movie Marvel might explore the idea again. A Doom movie would be a great way to address the rivalry between Mr. Fantastic and establish his ominous presence as a very potent threat.

Dr. Doom as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

6. The Gambit

A member of the popular franchise X-Men and multiple solo appearances, Gambit or Remy Etienne LeBeau is a mutant with control over kinetic energy as he can charge inanimate things and make them explode. He’s great at hand-to-hand combat, card throwing, and using Bo staff as his weapon. The Gambit has been a very powerful presence among the readers. The fact that he won’t do anything against his moral compass make him a beloved anti-hero much like Wolverine. A protagonist mending his own past deeds while sticking to his morals with a strong fan following is a good recipe for an origins movie and it’d been so, as Fox was planning to do a Gambit origins movie but the acquisition by Disney shelved the project. Fingers crossed though as fans are still hopeful for a Gambit movie and we believe he deserves one.

Gambit in Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

5. Nova

Nova or the Human Rocket is a superhero part of an Intergalactic Patrol Force in the Marvel Comics and Marvel Animation. The powers of Nova-Force is channeled through his body with help of a helmet. Nova force gives you superhuman strength, speed, flight, ability to absorb energy attacks and shoot energy rays/blasts. He has been a very fascinating superhero since his first introduction as Richard Rider in 1976. He has affiliations with Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova Corps, New Warriors, Spider-man’s classic team under SHIELD, and a few more while defeating enemies such as Thanos, EGO, and Ultron. With such great powers and innate leadership skills, fans have been waiting a very long time to see a live-action film. With MCU wrapping things up and going into a new phase we hope there’s a space reserved for him in upcoming plans.

Nova in Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

4. She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters working as a practicing lawyer is Hulk’s cousin. The gamma radiated blood, taken from Bruce Banner to save her life, turned her into the female version of Hulk as She-Hulk. As a practicing lawyer, she started serving justice both in courtrooms and on the streets. Notably, she was able to maintain her consciousness when transformed which gave her the ability to go berserk but with calculated caution which was an added advantage as she isn’t as strong as the Hulk. Being a part of multiple teams with her intelligence and brute strength she’s an invaluable asset. She has affiliations with Avengers, Fantastic Four, Defenders, Brides of Set, and others. She-Hulk definitely has all the affiliations and powers to be in our ‘Top 10 Marvel characters that deserve their own film’ list.

She Hulk in one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

3. Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze a stuntman, deceived by the devil into selling his soul gets the power of Spirit Of Vengeance and turns into Ghost Rider. We will not consider Nicolas Cage’s rendition of the Ghost Rider in the years 2007 and 2011 as they are not canon. There are two things that have been considered cool since time immemorial skulls and fire, Ghost Rider has both! Now if that wasn’t enough reason to deserve an MCU movie Ghost Rider is ridiculously strong. His abilities include immortality, almost instant regeneration, super speed, inhuman strength, interdimensional travel, resistance to some types of magic, resistance to mind control, banishing souls to the dark dimension and the list goes on. Ghost rider is overpowered beyond our senses. His true potential needs to be showcased in a movie. He will offer great contrast when compared to other characters in the MCU.

Ghost Rider as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

2. Sentry

Robert Reynolds aka Sentry holds ‘The power of a Thousand Suns’ sounds ridiculous, is very ridiculous. His inclusion in the Top 10 characters that deserve their own film is apparent. It’s almost as if you’ve let an unhinged Superman go berserk, no one can stop him. It’s not a sensible choice to bring him into the MCU as the balance of power will not be functional but that’s all the reason more to do so. The cosmic entity conundrum is here to stay but we can overcome the same with exceptional writing to conditionally nerf the character and make it a struggle by pitting them against God-like beings. This is probably the most unlikely movie that will happen in the near future but it’ll be great watch.

Sentry as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

1. Adam Warlock

The much-awaited tease of Adam Warlock at the end of Guardians of the galaxy has become a reality. James Gunn confirmed his appearance for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. III is expected to release in 2023. Adam Warlock is MCU’s one of the strongest superheroes up there with your elites like Thor, Doctor Strange, and Hulk. Adam Warlock has a number of abilities such as superhuman strength, super speed, matter manipulation, flight, and expertise in magic. Note that Soul Stone and Adam Warlock have a weird relationship with infinity stones and especially the soul stone. It should be interesting, to say the least how Adam Warlock works without the soul/infinity stones and Thanos.

Adam Warlock as one of Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film


Honorable mentions:

1. Silver Surfer

Introduced initially as the villain Silver Surfer turned out to be one of the fan favorites as a superhero. Silver Surfer made his first cinematic appearance in the 2007 film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In the movie, Silver Surfer acts as the Herald of Galactus and is set to destroy the planet. As Fantastic Four intervene, he later decides that Earth is worth saving. Silver Surfer is a cosmic entity and can freely manipulate the universe’s ambient energy. Fans would surely love to see an origin movie starring Silver Surfer even if he’s not part of our Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film.

Silver Surfer in Top 10 Marvel Characters that deserve their own film

2. Loki

Loki is definitely one of the favorite characters among Marvel fans. He’s the master of walking the thin line between being good and bad. The trickster god isn’t particularly evil or selfless, but his character development in MCU is nothing but splendid. He is stronger, faster, and has a better vitality than a normal human. He is also capable of telekinesis, teleportation, shooting energy blasts, astral projections, and molecular rearrangement. Loki is receiving a lot of screen time with a self-titled show on Disney+. Season 1 of the show is receiving much appreciation from fans and critics alike but nothing’s certain about season 2 so far. Loki is someone that people enjoy watching on the screen so maybe Marvel can turn season 2 into a movie.

Loki featuring in Top 10 marvel characters that deserve their own movie

3. Squirrel Girl

As the name suggests, the Squirrel girl can do anything like her counterpart from the rodent family. Believe it or not but she remains unbeatable in all her endeavors to suppress evil. Her abilities include superhuman strength, agility, sharp senses, claws, and an ability to talk to squirrels. An empathic superhero who wins her battles not by being powerful or smashing her enemies to a pulp but with compassion. Her ability to talk to a villain out of doing something bad is truly meta. Putting all sidekicks to shame is Tippy toe who’s a squirrel, an apt name for a squirrel. Squirrel girl has also defeated Thanos and Galactus which is a monumental feat in itself. Not a lot of other superheroes can brag about defeating two insane villains. We certainly want to see a Squirrel Girl movie sometime in the near future.

Squirrel Girl featuring in Top ten Marvel characters that deserve their own movie

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