Veronica Merrell Boyfriend: Who Is The Youtuber Dating In 2021?

Veronica Merrell boyfriend

One of the famous Merrell twin sisters is Veronica Merrell. Her dating life has always intrigued Netizens, and they are curious to know Who Veronica Merrell is dating. Well, to know the answer to that, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the love interest of YouTuber Veronica Merrell. It hasn’t been long since Veronica, and her twin sister Vanessa was crowned as Coca-Cola’s Flavour Curators. Veronica, however, rose to fame for her YouTube channel with her sister. It would be really wrong to talk about Veronica’s popularity without mentioning her twin sister Vanessa. Both the twins are famous YouTube personalities.

Veronica played the role of Victoria in the American romantic comedy-drama Jane the Virgin from 2014 to 2015. The series premiered in 2014 and received critical acclaim for its writing. Her first acting gig was a Build-a-Bear commercial in 2008. As a singer, she has sung songs like What I want for Christmas: Valentine Day Song and Runner Runner. In 2020 Veronica appeared in the film “Switched” and portrayed the character of Olivia. She is truly popular with a social media presence that includes an Instagram Following of over 1.6 million and a Twitter following of 371.6K.

The Merrell Twins

Veronica Merrell boyfriend
The Merrill twins, Veronica and Vanessa

Veronica and her sister Vanessa are identical twin American YouTubers, actresses, musicians, and singers. They both run a YouTube channel with 6 million subscribers and 1.28 billion total views. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, they moved to Los Angles, California, in 2013 for greater opportunities. Initially, they kicked off their career by posting their first video on their YouTube channel in 2009. Their videos are produced and edited by their father, Paul Merrell. The Merell twins are popular faces on Awesomeness TV videos and have starred in a few movies and Television shows. Veronica is just 45 mins older than her sister Venessa.

Having bagged the Shorty Awards for YouNower of the year in 2016, they have become YouTube sensations in no time. Together, they both launched a reality TV show, “Twin My Heart,” which aimed to find love for Vanessa and became a success. Consequently, it was renewed in 2020 for season 2. Not stopping here, the twins have also produced and starred in a web show called “Prom Night” in 2020. The show premiered on YouTube in April 2020. Along with Veronica and Vanessa, Christian Seavey, Aron Burriss, Arianna Jonae, Nick Haddad, Niko Vitacco, and Franny Arrieta.

Who is Veronica Merrell dating in 2021?

Veronica Merrell boyfriend
Veronica Merrell with Aron Burriss

Veronica is not officially dating anyone and has decided to rather focus on her career than relationships. People have been speculating about her relationship with fellow YouTuber Aron Burriss. But all Veronica has to say is that she likes him, and they both are best buddies. They both have been spotted together on several occasions as well as they keep posting cute videos and pictures together. In May, the two went to Disney land and posted pictures from their trip on social media. From their perfect chemistry, one can say that they both are actually dating, but neither Veronica nor Aron has confirmed it yet. Who knows, someday they might become more than just friends. Till then, let’s wait for some official news on this.

Aron and Veronica’s reaction video

Yesterday Aron, on his Youtube channel, posted a reaction video with Veronica Merrell. In the video, they reacted to one of the relationship expert’s videos, who believe and even gave evidence to prove that they both are dating. In this hilarious reaction video, they both opened up about the age gap between them. Which is 7 years as Aron is 32 and Veronica is 25. In the video, also they neither accepted nor denied the fact that they are dating. All they had to say was that people should respect each other’s privacy. In addition to this, Veronica said that for her privacy is more so wanting to protect somebody. After the video, it’s evident that even if they are in a relationship, they plan on keeping it private. Their reaction video in just one day has 131K views and 12K likes.

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