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Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date and Where to Watch

Moon Knight Episode 4

Marvel released the third episode of their mini-series titled Moon Knight on the 13th of April. This psychological thriller-ish depiction of a superhero has a lot to unpack and we’re all in for it. The third episode sets up the theme and pace for the MCU debutant quite nicely. Since this is the first rodeo for our silver-clad vigilante we are introduced to several characters and their role in Marvel. As per Kevin Fiege, the show follows an Indiana Jones-esque theme and the same is evident in the third episode. Arthur is able to locate Ammit’s tomb with the help of scarab. Marc however finds himself in the middle of a mess which we can see is a crucial theme in Moon Knight Episode 4.

Moon Knight Episode 4

Khonshu summons the Ennead to try and thwart Arthur’s plan but his appeal is denied by the committee of Gods. With clues from the Ennead Layla and Marc set to find Anton Mogart who owns the sarcophagus to Ammit’s tomb. . Khonsu uses his ability to track down the constellation a few 2000 years ago. Marc and Steven aren’t able to fully figure out the sarcophagus. Khonshu offers to help but there’s a price to pay. He uses his power to see the constellation of stars 2000 years ago but other Gods imprison him in a statue inside some temple. Here we see Arthur confront and blame Khonshu for how he turned out to be. At this point, the episode ends and we’re left with a few loose ends for episode 4 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight

What is the Moon Knight Episode 4 release date?

The 6 episode mini-series is already halfway near its end and so far fans are at the edge of their seats with excitement. The official synopsis or title for Episode 4 isn’t available yet. Episode 4 of Moon Knight will be available for viewers on the 20th of April 2022. The airing time will be different for people around the globe due to geographical differences. Episode 4 will be available at 12:30 pm IST, 12 am PT, 3 am ET and 7 am GMT.

Where to Watch Moon Knight Episode 4?

Marvel’s mini-series based on their masked vigilante Moon Knight has already garnered an insane following. The show is planned for a total of 6 episodes with no further announcement of future seasons. Each episode lasts for 40-50 minutes and definitely packs a big wallop for the fans. The show is available to stream on Disney+ as the site owns the broadcasting rights exclusively.

What to expect from Moon Knight Episode 4?

We can see a number of loose ends getting tied up by the end of Episode 4 of Moon Knight. As episode 3 ends with Arthur showing pure spite towards Khonshu, we can see him being the main antagonist towards the end. Things are working currently in Arthur’s advantage as Khonshu is trapped inside a statue by other Gods. It’s also a predicament for Marc as he has a love-hate relationship with Khonshu. There’s also the incident with Arthur Horrow’s goons which left both Marc and Steven in a daze. We do not know anything to a certain extend about Anton Mogart as well.

It’s definitely going to be an exciting series of events that are planned for episode 4 as things are not looking up for Marc & Steven.

Moon Knight/Marc Spector

What is Moon Knight all about?

Moon Knight has served as a dark and menacing character among the long list of upstanding and good-spirited superheroes. He is popularly known as Marvel’s attempt at Batman. Similar to DC’s masked vigilante Moon Knight was initially introduced as a villain but later deemed an anti-hero. Moon Knight’s abilities include enhanced strength, speed, endurance, detective skills, armed combat, and martial arts. In the show, Moon Knight is also shown to basically be completely damaged resistant while wearing the suit. Moon Knight gets his powers from the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu and is also known as the ‘Fist of Khonshu’. The Moon God uses Marc Spector to host his spirit as he cannot manifest a physical form. Marc Spector also suffers from a Dissociative Personality Disorder, the cause however for the same is unknown.

That’s it about the Moon Knight Episode 4, for more stay tuned at Artistree

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